(Preparation) Skill notification alarm sound constantly on

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I know. That late in the “program”. No one would (or should) spend ressources on such a specific issue.
Never know. Could be of some use thou.

So here’s the case.
When I use that one specific Antagonist shield while wearing my Legendary Soldier Class Mod. (+5 Preparation skill -> Skill rating of 10/5 with 5 skill points in it.)
Not with any other shields, (Antagonist included) or with a different Class Mod. (Or none)
The Preparation skill (You see the icon flashing while you hear the sound.) is constantly “chirping”.
Here’s the shield.

Here’s a clip in which you can hear it. Enjoy :wink:

That was 1m34s. Imagine two weeks… :sunglasses:

I tried “re-specing” my skill tree. Seemed to work at first but it came back. (After reloading the game?)

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Yeah, it’s a bug. Get a new shield, get more shield capacity via BAR, or turn BAR off and it stops.

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Specifically - your shield value is at a value that Preparation (with the points from the Legendary Soldier) can’t quite handle. (like Preparation is looking for values in even 10s and the COM/BAR make it 5.0003 or something). One check looks at just the whole number; another check looks at the entire value, or something arcane like that.

If you want to keep using BAR, earn and apply points to shield capacity one at a time until it stops.

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Get a new shield, get a new shield…
Yeah. You have any 1:54 Delay , 48% Dmg Reduction laying around?
(You never know. He might have one! :star_struck:)

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Cool info @Adabiviak
I stopped putting points in BAR because of the glitche(s) and figured I had enough.
So I can just add some points (Hopefully not for hours .) without having to touch anything else.
Kewl ! :sunglasses:

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One point is usually enough. Or, if you have skill points that affect shield capacity, tweak them by 1 until you get a different shield.

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@Adabiviak @VaultHunter101
It worked! Can keep my good shield on and not turn insane. :slight_smile:
Always amaze me how much knowledge peoples crammed out of this game.

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I’d rather have a purple Tediore shield, or a Blockade for Axton, personally :yum:

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Not a Tediore corp fan but I should have some quick recharge shield stashed somewhere. Not sure they can be that much more usefull than a 1.5x delay Antagonist thou. For generic mobbing situations.
As for the Blockade… That will require my Sal to level up to OP8. Should be able to do it. Just don’t feel for it right now.
Or work on a Dragon raid solo build. I know it can be done. Just not my cup of tea.
Not for now anyways.
So many things to do. So little time…

Beside. It’s much more easier to farm specific gear (especially vendor’s gear.) than hoping for a good parts world drop.

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I think you will hate me as a neighbor, I got a few lovebirds that chirps all day. lol

On a good side, you can go all in whenever you hear that sound since it means your shield is full and health is recharging.

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Signing birds are a different story.
Up to an extent… :wink:
As for going all in… Not that useful in Sanctuary!

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Oh man I experienced the same thing. The sound was driving me crazy so I had to disable the sound via the menu. Then I saw this topic. Increased the shield capacity a little bit via BAR and the sound is gone!


I have the same bug with FotF. Good to know it can be fixed in game.