Press and hold [F] doesn't end action skill

I’m playing on the PC, and pressing and holding F as mentioned in the action skill does not end the skill. Has anyone encountered this problem, or have any idea how I may solve it?


There was a hotfix awhile back that fixed that particular issue. I don’t know if it was ever folded into a patch, so make sure you’re getting the hotfixes. I haven’t had any issues, but I remapped mine to “Z”.

Thanks for your reply!
I did try having the hotkey remapped after I read your response, but it didn’t work as well.

I tried looking at hotfixes as per your suggestion, but don’t see any mention of this issue in the hotfixes :frowning: ( and my PC and steam is always online, so it should automaticaly download any updates and hotfixes I think. Do you know perhaps where I would go to apply the hotfixes?

Here’s the fix:

Make sure you’re authenticated via Shift before you play the game. Otherwise you won’t have the hotfixes loaded.

Yeah, the thing is I can’t even manage to recall them. I think it might be another issue altogether! Thanks for the help though! I’ve submitted a ticket to them. Perhaps they’ll be able to resolve this as it looks like i’m the only one suffering from this. Haha

Weird. Yeah, I’d definitely submit a ticket because you should be able to recall the holograms the same way you can recall Wilhelm’s bots.