🌠Press Buttons here! Totally Borderlands related. The Borderlands Psycho Psyche Poll!

Welcome to a useless but signifigantly borderlands related partially emotionicon abused topic.

Today we test your psycho IQ


  • Hahahah, :zap:COME MEET YOUR MAKER :globe_with_meridians:

  • ‘Midget screams’ :fried_shrimp:

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You see a friend with guns!

  • I need a powerful woman! Right now! :octopus:

  • This is prison and we’re the guys in the shower! :sweat_drops:

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As you are slowly fading from existance you say.

  • But the cakes we were going to bake…!

  • Never gonna give you up…

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You encounter choices.

  • I hate polls!

  • I like polls!

  • EXPLOSION NOIZE :sparkler:

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Also u can discuss your favorite psycho stuff.

Ya know the old lines from 1 and 2 tps stuck out to me. Only lines i really hear are the player characters sorta nowadays. Zane Has some great lines.


Don’t know if they do that in the english game as well, but in the german version of BL2 Psychos can have the shoutout “Suck my dick, mommy!”. Almost 8 years after it’s release and I still laugh about that every time.
In BL3 the psycho quotes are cool, but none rises above the rest for me. They’re all just “cool”.

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Yeah they extremely toned it down. I guess they wanna sell to more kids. But uh yeah.

Def miss/ loved all the old lines.

It’s a bit random, but one time I was watching a fishing programme, when someone suddenly said: “Cut the head, remove the scales!”.

I thought that, with a little more screaming, that could’ve been a great psycho quote :laughing:

More on-topic, though, I kinda like what they started in Borderlands 2 with Krieg being almost the only somewhat self-aware character (who knows he’s inside a videogame), which was then expanded upon in BL3 (with psychos going “put this experience to good use/see you in the sequel/good luck on your quest” etc. upon death).

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Strip the flesh! Salt the wound!

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Theres a im gonna strip ur face off and use it as a condom line also.

Its like… Brief pause… And BAM … laughter.

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Kaboom baby!