Prestige Mode. Can we get this?

After 100 players should be allowed to prestige, and reset command rank back to 1:

Why i think so:
1: Skin chances are being replaced with the 500 cred back ( I think ) we need the higher chance of skins from commander packs.
2: The game loses some of the good feeling of grinding after 100.

What should you, the player, get for prestige:

1: New/ Higher Ranked Challenges. More things to strive for.

2: New Badges. Cuz why not?

3: New Prestige skins for Heros. New challenges for heros reward new skins.

4: Increase chance of better loot/skins/taunt. Like 1% or .05

  • (a hope) More lore pages for Heros.

Why i think they haven’t done it.

Mostly i think they are waiting for DLC packs to come out, and they will allow a reset or increase the rank cap.

This idea has been discussed in many threads already - please continue your discussion in this topic, so all ideas & feedback can be collected in one place. Thanks! :heart: