Prestige option for max level gamers?

I just reached level 100 and was pretty disappointed not seeing an option to prestige and start from scratch in my command rank. I wouldn’t even mind having to unlock the characters again as that would make the game interesting. I just don’t have as much of a drive to play story mode other than to farm equipment.

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I guess that’s where you and me would split.

Even if I achieved rank 100 (Which I haven’t because I suck) I don’t believe I would ever hit a point in time where I wish I could continue simply because ranks never really gave me great rewards.

And frankly I could play the PvP in this game all day even if I was rank 1.

However an option for more progression would always be good.

Yes add a prestige option or something i don’t really care what, but being command rank 100 and have a good number of characters mastered allerady, your sorta penalized for that. For example i love Miko, but if I play him now i don’t get command or character exp, so it feels like a waste to play him or any other maxed lvl characters.

Personally id say just increase the command rank and continue to give out packs every 5 lvls. But allow us to prestige characters instead, and say get a free legendary pack everytime you prestige one.


Remove the lvl 100 cap. Give a legendary pack every 10 levels past lvl 100. Some of us has been farming missions to no avail.