Prestige System... Any word yet?

Has there been any word yet for a system to help people that are rank 100 or playing with characters that are rank 15?

Anything to keep people playing.

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No word yet other than it is something they are discussing.


i have so much experience stocked up after achieving Lv 100 that if they counted it toward prestige, I will most likely max out prestige too. Wish they gave packs for hitting a certain amount of experience after Lv 100


There’s discussion? Where have you seen this.

Anyway, I’d love a prestige system. I hate wasted XP and I want more loot packs. Also, the challenge progress needs to be resetable. Seems really short sighted to not already have this stuff in the game.


I’ve been rank 100 since like the first week of the game coming out, so freakin’ much Command Rank XP gone to waste. I really hope they address this issue soon, and if it is possible for them to track how much CR Exp you’ve gained since reaching CR100, I hope they make use of it somehow.

Convert it to Credits or sumthin’, same with character XP. It is just not OK to get nothing from a game just because you are CR100 and the character you played was CR15

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From a discussion from last month :slight_smile:


Not something I am looking for, but then this is a very selfish point of view.

  1. I have never liked prestige, but then unlocking all achievements and hitting top rank has never bothered me, I play games that I like playing its that simple
  2. I have yet to get anywhere near CR100 due to the time I have to play
  3. When I do hit CR100 I will never want to get rid of that to do it all over

So as I said very selfish view points, but my views none the less.

This also doesn’t detract from everyone else’s point of view, and I would imagine I am in the minority


I made the suggestion a long time ago after hitting CR100.

  1. Convert the xp to credits. It doesn’t even need to be anything spectacular, just enough so it doesn’t feel like a waste.
  2. Add in multiple ranks of CR100 similar to what a “general” would be. ie, 1 star, 2 star, …, 5 star. It should take you a long time to get to 1, twice as long to get to 2, twice as long as that to get to 3, etc. Reward each rank with a commander pack and some other goodies.

Honestly, I prefer option 1 myself. But at least it’s something!
Same thing can be applied to characters @ rank 15. Convert to credits.

Right now there is ZERO incentive for me to keep playing Miko (one of my favorites) because I’m @ 100/15.


[quote=“dannyorke01, post:7, topic:1542216, full:true”]3) When I do hit CR100 I will never want to get rid of that to do it all over

I don’t think people want to do the BL2 style prestige system where you reset all of your challenges to be able to get more BA points. Dropping down to CR1 just to go to CR100 again would be boring and dumb. I think people are really just asking for experience acquired while at CR100 and ChR15 to actually do something, so they don’t feel like they’re wasting something by playing.

Personally, I don’t think there needs to be a prestige-type system for command rank. That’s just a reward for playing and you already get a reward for playing: the normal rewards. The CR bonuses just give you nice little things on top of that (also, unlocking characters). I’d rather see them add something exclusive to playing ChR15 such that the experience that could be used rather than wasted by playing other characters actually accomplishes something (same could be said for completing Character challenges while ChR15, but you at least get credits for those even if the xp is wasted).

The simplest way would just be to give a random bonus loot pack every X xp earned while at ChR15. A more complex system where you get various account wide bonuses (nothing performance based; more like “increased chance of higher rarity from loot pack”, “increased credit rewards for PvE”, etc.) purchased with “stored up” xp (much like BA points from BL2).

Either way, it would be nice to feel like I’m not getting less than I could be by playing a character I have mastered (the only times I do play characters I have mastered is when I’m doing a hardcore run and the group really needs that role filled and filled well).


Honestly, the fact that Overwatch doesn’t have a level cap so I can theoretically level up indefinitely is one of the biggest things that brings me back. That and getting a crap-ton of exp for my first win of the day.

I’d love to keep leveling in Battleborn for rewards or something. I’d certainly start playing more often.


except, y’know… fun.

I responded too quickly and without enough words. I understand your view point. I’m much less likely to play Whiskey or Montana than I was before 100/15, except that they’re super duper fun to play. At the end of the day, the game is for fun. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

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Oh I still play my 15’s for “fun” once in a while but more so when they’re needed in PvP. I’m sure as hell not playing someone new against a full CR 100 pre-made!!! lol. And in that case, they’re needed.
Story mode though feels kind of blah. I have more fun with new characters versus playing through and getting almost nothing. (almost cause I guess gear counts)

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Another example. In Battleborn Tap, you earn 3 currencies that are kept after hitting the “prestige” button. And you earn XP. That XP unlocks characters. Once you get all the characters, hitting “prestige” gets you more of the purple currency than before.

So, even Battleborn Tap has a decent “play infinitely” factor.

Borderlands games should have done more with overflow XP as well.

Once I hit character rank 15 on Reyna and command rank 100, I might feel like further plays on Reyna are wasting XP towards other characters. So I’ll likely work on other characters or play the game less (at least for a bit). Not sure yet. Not everyone will play a bunch of characters. I tend to play every class in Borderlands games to max level. Sometimes multiple times.

I do like the bad ass rank system in Borderlands 2 and 1.5 but it didn’t get good until they fixed the bug that made you end up equalizing your choices more.


I actually think a lot of people are asking for that. I’d love to see a classic prestige system that is present in a lot of MPs. Wherein, you hit max rank and prestige which drops you back down to 1 and you start all over again.

It should be easy to implement, levelling is infinite and you earn rewards both as you level and for choosing to prestige.

In the end, I don’t really care what they do as long as I can keep using XP, getting command packs and tokens after level 100.

I was in no hurry to hit 100 and now that I have, there’s not much motivation to play. I’ve tried every character, run every piece of content and there’s no more levelling. It’s a problem.

I love prestige systems, they add a ton of longevity to a game. A game called Marvel Heroes has a system where you reach max level then start back at level 1 when you prestige and the only difference is that your name changes colors. So you can prestige from white->green->blue->purple->orange->red and finally cosmic which is yellow, but takes 25x more experience to level, so not for the faint of heart. You also get a costume each time you prestige. It’s a great system that kept me playing for many months after I’d done most everything else I cared to do in the game and really allows you to show off your dedication to the game and specifically dedication for and mastery of certain characters.

I am far better at playing support roles than the others the majority of the time, both on pve and pvp. I have mastered Miko, Reyna, Ambra, and Alani. Kleese’s lore is finished, just need CR15. Once I hit CR15 with Kleese, if my team needs a good support, I will be less inclined to play as the rewards for playing with CR100/CR15 are much less than for me playing a character I have yet to Master. And what happens when I finally Master the other characters? (Except Marquis… screw marquis. Totally my personal opinion though)
I realize that the game is about having fun, but it’s much harder to enjoy something that will inevitably grow very stale if there isn’t anything else to do. I also notice that my teammates are far less likely to play a CR15 character unless the team badly needs it. (And even then, they may opt to work on a different character)

I would love a prestige (or badass) system in place, but I’m also not against getting credits in lieu of xp.

I got too level 100 and i dont know i want too level up more and for example every 5 or 10 rank after 100 you get loot packs or somethimg like that

Me and my friends were just discussing something similar to this not even 20 minutes ago a prestige for characters where you lose there lore item it resets the level and lore (or changes lore) and on completion you get something like another helix mutation or an all black skin, and there lore item back with like a .5 percent increase on the stats

This is something that can’t happen in Battleborn, this isn’t a dungeon crawler or a co-op RPG, there is a PvP aspect to this game and for that reason alone no character should receive benefits like from paragon levels in Diablo III, it gives players with more game time a huge advantage over new players who aren’t even CR 100 yet and that would break the game.

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…Level 100’s could start at Helix 5, oh that would be something crazy fun.