Prestige System... Any word yet?

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I just want to offer a “flip side” point of view of someone who really dislikes “prestige modes” etc.

All this does is add a new ceiling. What happens when you reach the end of prestige mode? You ask for even more prestige modes to be added so you have something else to grind for?

Why not play for fun rather than for a meaningless number against your avatar?

The level system has to have an end somewhere so why keep extending it? (I have only ever played one game with an infinite level system Discworld MUD) Why not instead of asking the devs to add a new challenge for you (in regards to a higehr lvl cap) make challenges for yourself such as clearing advanced hardcore modes in single player with characters that are not very suited to certain missions? Why not start private 1 vs 1 Meltdown games with minions? Maybe get 10 players together and load a game of capture, have no one capture any bases and instead play a 5 vs 5 arena with the team with the highest score winning?

There is so much to do with creative thinking that doesn’t require the devs to code a feature that can breathe life into the game. Creating a ever extending level cap is IMO not a good solution to finding the game

The game is fun and it is easy to find reason to play it - because playing it is fun and having fun is good!

I mean no offense in any of my post and do not mean to start a flame war! Just to offer an alternative PoV on the idea of raising the lvl cap/adding “Prestige”.

Also my questions are rhetorical and really are not asking to be answered! :slight_smile:

pay 5.99 for the chance to prestige in battleborn, you’ll get the chance to start over like a newb, but keep your bank, inventory and loadouts… You’ll get a cool badge which says Prestige and a special middle finger taunt for all battleborns… except thorn because she already has a middle finger taunt…

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[quote=“QuinnMeisterGeneral, post:22, topic:1542216, full:true”]All this does is add a new ceiling.

Not really. The entire point of any well designed and thought out prestige mode is to remove the ceiling and allow continuing play to be continually rewarded. Just increasing the level isn’t a good prestige mode. What would be intelligent is making it so that every X xp you gain while at max rank (for character or commander) provides you with some extra loot (since extra stats like in BL2 isn’t really fair for PvP). It’s open ended, which means there isn’t a ceiling (well, there’s a soft ceiling insofar as, once you get all of the loot you want, you’re not really getting anything of value out of it, but there’s a soft ceiling for everything based upon motivational factors).

You mean Reyna.

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they could add new titles to show how many “prestige” we are.
sigh COD with people rushing to prestige 10.

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Thorn just got a new taunt in the marketplace where she gives you the finger.

That’s not a good prestige system because it has a ceiling.

Compare the BL prestige system (getting badass points via challenges that are spent on badass advantages, or whatever they’re called, and prestiging to reset those challenges so that you can earn them again for more BA points, with no real cap on the number of BA points and advantages you can get) with its Overpower level system (OP 8 means that the universe is 8 levels higher than you and that’s as high as it gets).

The “prestige” system that people are asking for isn’t just an endgame advancement system; they want a system which provides rewards for continuing to play while at max level/rank.


Ok, but I would not call this a prestige system. To my mind a prestige system involves the formula laid out in the CoD series whereby you reset your rank and earn a prestige avatar/symbol this simply creating a new max lvl/ceiling. This is what I do not like. With my interpretation of a Prestige system, all they do is effectively raise max level.

The solution you provide I find completely acceptable and I actually thought something similar was already in place. I do not define it as a prestige system and instead call this simply the endgame mechanic however.

As such it seems we simply do not agree on what a prestige system and an end game mechanic are!

With a prestige system there is no max level though. That’s how I understand it. You reset your Command Rank to 1 and then gain a Prestige Rank for every time you prestige. If it is set up that way then there is no max level. You can prestige as many times as you like. Even if they did nothing else but add prestige levels you would still be getting extra Command Gear Packs every few levels. You wouldn’t be unlocking any new characters, skins or taunts however (unless that was added as a feature). So in game you might see someone with the numbers 15 and 67 and he would have Prestige Rank 15 (meaning he reached Command Rank 100 a total of 15 times as well as an additional 67 Command Ranks). I think people might want more than just the Command Gear Packs every few levels though. Some may think this is enough. Different people have different ideas on what bonuses they should get. Those asking for experience to be converted to credits aren’t asking for a prestige system. They’re asking for something else. They feel the xp they earn is being wasted and want something else for it.

Which system is best? Free gear packs rewarded every several levels or extra credits so you can buy loot packs from the Gear store? Command Gear Packs are guaranteed to give you a skin and/or taunt. Faction loot packs aren’t. So maybe the developers would change how things work for the prestige levels so they don’t work like the first 100 levels and they would give us different rewards instead. The rewards have to mean something. They have to be something we want to chase after. Extra credits seems kind of bland and boring. Maybe that’s why it’s taking so long to roll this out because I think the developers want it to be something meaningful and interesting. People want a reason to keep playing the game and playing the characters after everything has been maxed out. In some games even after you have completed the story missions there are still some randomly generated missions that you can still participate in so it’s not like the game ends when you complete the story. At any rate, whatever the developers do I hope it is interesting.

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some prestige systems have a cap (Call of Duty).

I would just be happy with a portion of XP being converted to “bonus coins”. But I would be happy with ANYTHING after 100, like some extra stuff for every prestige or whatever. At the end of the day, it’s all welcome.

[quote=“Kaleidodemon, post:29, topic:1542216, full:true”]You reset your Command Rank to 1 and then gain a Prestige Rank for every time you prestige.

Personally, I don’t see the point in this. In BL2, it made sense because you had to finish something like 180 of the non-DLC challenges in order to be able to prestige, so each reset was just resetting the challenges, which were themselves the source of the BA points you were prestiging to acquire.

What’s the point of dropping your CR back down to 1? A lot of the rewards you get at low levels are character unlocks and you’re going to have a number of levels where nothing happens at all. It also means you’ll never really see anyone at CR100 because they’re just going to prestige right away so as to not waste anything.

To me, it makes more sense just to keep you at max rank and provide rewards for every however-much-the-devs-decide-on xp you earn; it would be even cooler if the devs let you pick which reward you want to aim for and set however much xp you need to earn to get that.

Also, I’m kind of curious why people seem to think that a prestige system for command rank is so important. CR is just a representation of how much you’ve played and you already get rewards for playing pretty much everything so you’re just asking for more free stuff.

A prestige system should really be focusing on providing rewards for playing characters that are already at rank 15: you get command xp for doing pretty much anything on any character so the “waste” occurs no matter what you’re doing as long as you’re at level 100; it’s not really changing your behavior since it’s given out for everything. On the other hand, if you play a character that’s already rank 15, you’re straight up wasting character xp that could have been given to another character that still needs it; a prestige system would encourage people to play rank 15 characters rather than passing them up by still giving them something for playing a character that they’ve maxed out.

In short, a prestige/endgame system for command rank is just asking for the devs to give you more stuff for doing everything you were already doing; a prestige/endgame system for character rank is asking the devs to give you something for playing a character that you’ve maxed out instead of one that could actually use the xp for progression.

Final prestige lvl - Rank 100. This would be the new max lvl.

There would have to be infinite prestige values for this not to be the case and that is not possible.

I don’t get it…

It’s so simple.

Convert any unused XP both Command and Character to credits.

People happy.


Why does a stupid old retired grunt see this so clearly and whiz kid, brainiac super developers don’t.

Or maybe they do and hopefully will add this.

It only HELPS the game.


The main reason I enjoy MMO’s is the leveling. Yes, really. It feels immensely rewarding for me to level up, to collect XP. I love leveling up. I don’t love sitting at the same level forever. So I’d like something to be done with both CR100 and CR15. Even if the only reward I would get is leveling up.

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HI Guys we love this game and went nuts playing long hours to hit 100. when we hit 100 we got legendary yay now we dont see any point in continuing as we see no growth. Can we Prestige and then start back at 0 command rank with maybe a star to say we have been through once already?

Oh my…Kitru…I don’t think a prestige system in this game means a hoot

It’s the LOOT baby…people want LOOT! Loot in this game helps them be better. Folks want to be better. It’s really kind of simple in the end. And thankfully, in THIS game…credits actually mean something. Forget prestige…just give level 100 payers credits instead of XP that can’t be used. You figure out what is “fair”…but in the end…give CREDITS!

and your comment about “more free stuff”…


Kinda called giving the customer what they want.

Again…why is this so chrystal clear to a 62 year old ex paratrooper who never sold anything in his life.

I’d love to hear other folks opinion on this as I could be off base here. Hell I’ve been wrong a lot on things…

But this subject just seems black and white…easy.

I really don’t know why you would suggest that a prestige system will keep people playing. I would say it’s way more likely there are more dormant users that haven’t reached 100 than there are users that have.

Besides, Prestige doesn’t mean ■■■■. It never has. All it means is you’ve played long enough to accumulate way more exp than necessary. That’s basically like saying maxed out 10 accounts. It’s just a useless number, like achievement points or Gamerscore or any other dumb point tracking system that has no reflection of skill, only a basic knowledge of said game.

You can be 100 and still not know jack about the nuances of any character other than the 1-3 you may or may not have used to grind to 100.

Really, developers should just drop these useless progression systems and think of a better way of rewarding unlocks to players. except they can’t drop the skinner box model from their games because people would get their fill and stop playing them.

I play this game because I find it interesting and fun, not because my account level needs to go up.

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Might be so, but the game still struggles with a bad case of “Can’t keep old people playing, even though new ones are coming in”

I doubt all the people who would like a prestige system are interested in “showcasing their skill”. I’d be perfectly fine if other people couldn’t see my CR rank at all. I just want extra progression.

What is up with this “You should play this game for fun and I say what fun is” mentality. Almost all whom I’ve seen be against an extra progression system say stuff like this.

Just more credits to me seems so boring. I’d like to get something more interesting for all my effort. So not sure if credits is the way to go. Or extra Command Gear packs either. Hmmm… maybe earn boosters that increase credits earned as well as increase loot drop rates (ones that also work on gear packs bought in the gear store perhaps)? Not sure if that is exciting enough either. I’m not sure what to suggest at this point. Hopefully an good idea comes to me at some point.

I can only think about command gear packs and special titles for each tier of prestige