Pretty board right now

I am looking for new friends to play borderlands and maybe other videogames with me! My best buddies have not been on that much and I would like to meet new people! Any one game?

Are you wanting to start a new game? :slight_smile:

I don’t mind restarting that much, After all its not like i am not going to hate playing borderlands 2 and or pre-sequel but if you want to do a challenge with me as well (Its not really needed i thought it would be fun to do more challenges with other people) i would like to play with you!

What kind of challenge?

Well, The element only challenge where you are limited to one element or more (If its like say 2 players those players get two elements.) Or one gun company challenge where you can only use one gun company’s weapons unless its purple or orange.

Yeh both of those sound interesting I’d be okay with either.

Alright add me Gamer tag is Kululuplays or kululuplays

Will do can we play on Pre-sequel though?

Sure i don’t mind

Sorry my xboxs is being strange I’m just gonna reset it

Try adding me it’s The Catalyst 64

You guys mind if I join?? I have a level 52 siren but would love to play with someone.

If its pre-sequel you would have to start a new game and then head to RedBelly’s place in the story. That’s where we are right now. I am Athena and my friend here is Aurelia, But we don’t mind (At least i won’t) what you pick.

I’m there. I’m the gunslinger. Never tried her still getting used to her can I add you??

Please go ahead, My Gamertag is Kululuplays, Just tell me that you are from here, I will be on in a bit so please wait.

Where are you from. I’m in the US I’ll be on for maybe another hour and a half then I have some personal stuff to deal with.