Pretty damn large problem with the new map

Final edit: fixed through dying in the raid and respawning at the first fast travel station, dying halfway through does not fix the problem, you must diewl within the first area after hitting the respawn point

So something pretty annoying has come it’s way in my game (and possibly others but I have no idea), the deal is that if I were to fast travel to the new map for the raid, then save and quit (maybe to roll for decent MH modifiers for instance) whenever I re-enter the game it would spawn me in sanctuary at the heck hole teleporter

It doesn’t do it with other maps as far as I’ve tested thank god, but it’s really irritating if I’m looking for good modifiers

Restarting game doesn’t fix, most things I’ve tried like going through heck again haven’t fixed it
Started after my game crashed during the raid

Any help?

Edit: I have a hunch is something to do with the new u station but not entirely sure