Pretty happy after the latest patch

A big step in the right direction.

Many of the weapons feel far nicer to use now.

The new weapons are freakin awesome, even the purple quest items. I also enjoyed the western feel to the new DLC. I approve, good job devs.

Grenades are good again!!!

I would still love to see more diversity in mayhem modifiers that don’t directly nerf the player but add unique dynamics to combat. Also scaling enemy damage for the mayhems like what has happened with weapons, action skills, grenades etc because they are way too weak. Bosses and Badass units should have more health imo.

Iron Bear is REALLY strong now. Mayhem 10 is easy if I go an Iron bear build, perhaps to easy. I think some more work needs to be done here.

Just gotta teach my friend to platform so he doesn’t constantly kill himself during Guardian breach!

Good work devs. I had a lot of fun playing the new DLC.