Prevent Ambra from being nerfed too harshly

At least add some quality of life changes to her orbs so you can see how many you have up at a time on the hud.
Though, a non-QoL change, and more like an experimental buff, maybe make the orbs untargettable to see how it would work? Just something to help, since the Offensive Healer tagline is starting to be stripped from her character. Examples being the beam range feels a bit less than before the patch, as people have started to see, including the scorching strikes fix. She feels more like a support that has some aspect of close quarter abilities, but they don’t seem too impacting unless you use them in certain situations (Minion wave clearing).

Edit: Oh, her sunspot reinforcement helix, while apparently had the tooltip edited recently as well, does seem to be rather good to reinforce her support roll, so there’s that at least. Which makes me come to the conclusion that making the orbs untargettable would be too game breaking for that helix in the first place. Never mind.


I tried Ambra for the first time last night since the Beta. What the actual **** did they do to her?? Maybe I’m just not used to playing more of support role but damn…

That’s about right - they turned her into a support, but after fighting a couple of Ambra’s - the nerfs were well placed.

I was Whiskey Foxtrot, and I could not for the life of me take her down, I actually had to run off if I got too close to her. But she also couldn’t solo me - which she 100% was able to do before.

Though her Healing Helix where she sacrifices her life - I feel like THAT range should be increased, if there’s a way to distinguish the range between healing and offensive beams.

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I think Ambra has been overnerfed. She seems underpowered now.


After the first nerf, ppl were saying she’s about where she needs to be. Ater the 2nd nerf, ppl were saying it’s a bit much, but she’s still fine for the most part. After the 3rd nerf, ppl were kinda scratching their heads, like why is she still being nerfed while other characters are still so powerful? Now she kinda needs to be buffed in other areas to make her helix consistent (like making her helix choices work on her sunspot burst healing). She’s also a target of two of the most powerful characters via lore, which makes me not wanna use her in PvP. She’s still fine, but I dunno why the focus is still on her update after update.


I didn’t really play her much before the nerfs, but I picked her up a few days ago and I think she’s pretty good. I play her as a backline support mostly, dropping sunspots arounder corners for our team to heal at, pushing melees away from out backline, and helping with minion clears. I don’t really try to be super offensive with her. I usually end up doing pretty well with her, her healing is usually enough to keep the team going and her minion clear is really solid. She seems pretty balanced right now to me.

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I kind of mained Ambra a lot in the beta, and even now she’s still my go to healer for group healing. In my opinion she’s got the best way to keep a whole team evened out on health, but honestly I’m starting to feel like they literally ruined her staff. I feel like I have to be within melee range just to lock onto friend or foe at this point after the recent update, making her heals have less range and less heals per second than Kleese. She used to feel right at home behind a melee or tank character to back them up and keep their health topped off, but I’m finding it REALLY hard now to lock onto to my friendlies to heal them in the heat of battle. We are almost better off going in with a tank/self heal gear set with Kleese just to be a group healer at this rate.


Ya that was my thoughts as well. I thought she was fine 2 or 3 nerfs ago. Makes no sense that she is still getting nerfed. Who is complaining about her and more importantly why is Gearbox listening to them?..

Nerf her again. :joy:

She’s still good to me but the nerf on her ult was ridiculous and made the skill nearly impossible to land unless you put it in some position you know people will run to. It’s really only good for lane clearing now and even then you have to lead it

I think players who used her during Beta are the ones scratching their heads over her new playstyle.

As someone who picked up the game post nerfs Ambra is my main and I think she plays her role well.

Predominantly a supporter who sits just behind the vanguard she can provide heals and decent wave clear potential through sunspot/solar wind and has the tools to hold her own in 1v1 later on in her helix.

I generally play sunspot heavy without engaging too much early level and become more offensive as you level, but always focusing on support.

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Hey, exactly what I was thinking, except I have only used her for co-op so far. I haven’t played the game too much and am only lvl 17 I think? However I’m always in the top 3 in terms of damage and have never been anything but #1 in healing. I’m typically top 2 in damage taken too. I love Ambra.

Her sunspots are absolutely PATHETIC, though. They die if BREATHED ON ffs.

I mean for perspective’s sake, Kleese’s Energy Rifts have A LOT more health AND A SHIELD, AND he can have one more of them up at a time ffs!

Also WTF was with them nerfing her ultimate lmfao? It’s probably one of THE hardest things to land in the game, and they thought:

“Hmm, I know it’s nearly impossible to hit anything with the loooooooong trigger delay and GIGANTIC floating object that just screams GTFO, but I think we should remove its slow effect for after everyone moved away from it and it blew up so that it’s TOTALLY useless! Yeah, that’s the right idea!”

…Seriously, who was complaining about her ult exactly that got Gearbox to nerf it lmfao? Cuz I think the answer is “nobody”…

I wrote up some suggestion on how to fix her (while maintining a “fair” ballance) a while back here: