Previous Cloud saves on 360 and transferring

I have several saves already existing on the cloud save storage on XBL. Will this affect the transfers? Should I delete these (I have backups on portable storage) and reupload using the in-game function to properly transfer them to THC?

I think the 360 cloud storage you use shouldn’t effect your transfer to Xbox One. My reasoning is you have to transfer one file at a time. What I think is happening is you are moving one file to Gearboxes transfer cloud, then to your Xbox one cloud/local storage. Make sense?

What SGRiverDan said.

I’d imagine the primary reason for transferring through GBX’s seervers would be so the save file is properly reformatted to be compatible with XB1.

Do make sure you’re fully updated on both the 360 side and XB1 side first.

If someone, perhaps in their haste and anticipation, in fact did not wait until the games where fully updated and installed on the Xbox One but went ahead and transferred their characters over what might they do to rectify the situation?

I’d imagine simply reuploading from 360 to XBO them would help, if there’s any issues with the transferred saves (aside from missing BAR/heads+skins, that is - that’s a known issue). The saves aren’t deleted from the 360 when uploaded, just copied. GBX has also advised NOT to delete your old-gen saves yet as they/’’ be needed if the BAR restoration requires a reupload anyways.

Right, yeah. I’d gathered all of that sense I’d been skimming the forums since release night. I just wasn’t so sure if it’d end up affecting the characters themselves or the udates/patches