Price Drop? Seriously? Digital Deluxe $40? WTF

This is really crappy to early adopters and players, who likely paid double this in the last couple weeks for the same exact content.

Really frustrating. I’m really liking the game, but this is painfully awful to the player base.

If anyone else purchased the game via Amazon, they offered me a $10 promo credit. Which isn’t great, but is better than nothing.


Meh, this is nothing new nor is it something that only happens in the game market.

I mean hell…Memorial Day weekend is coming, usually sales on stuff all the time in all markets. Not gonna cry about paying more for something that someones going to get cheaper in 2 weeks. shrug I enjoyed my 2 weeks of time over them.

Well, that’s the thing about buying things when they are new, isn’t it? Prices drop as time goes on. By purchasing it early you are accepting that what you are getting is more time with the game over those who waited for a sale or for the price to drop.

I don’t really mind. Mostly i’d say they are trying to get people into the game before Overwatch comes out. They are also releasing Alani tomorrow. Coincidence i think not!


I’ve enjoyed my two weeks as well - but let’s be real - if many had known it would be literally half as much two weeks later, they would have waited. I totally get that prices drop, but most retailers will price match in 30 days (so if anyone got it from Best Buy - they will match it to the new price.) Amazon won’t, but its a uniquely crappy situation.


Yeah, I’m dismayed I dropped $75 on it three weeks ago and now it’s virtually half that. I mean, I don’t really regret my purchase, and I’m happy to support Gearbox, but it’s a bit annoying, absolutely. Hopefully this really works to expand the player base, instead of turning off the launch players.


I totally understand why, with Overwatch coming out, but they should at least do something for those who spent twice as much as a gesture or something.

I won’t be pre-ordering anything for some time lol.


It is annoying, but oh well. I think honestly maybe Amazon bought a lot more keys than what was purchased, so they are trying to do a purge.

I have almost never pre-ordered games until a few years ago. It has been pretty hit-and-miss for me.

From what I remember off the top of my head:

Civ: Beyond Earth ~ Miss
Plants v Zombies GW2 ~ Neither hit or miss; kind of a hit at first, but have low desire to play it after 2 weeks or so…
Battleborn ~ Hit, but the steep price drop…
No Man’s Sky ~ Time will tell :stuck_out_tongue:

I also founder’s pack Everquest Next Landmark. I wouldn’t say hit or miss but it is/was at least interesting…

OW’s price point seems ridiculous to me, for what it is.
BB gives more for your money, but even then I think its a bit high, half the game is what would normally be f2p.
I’d say the reduced price is fair for what you get. Not that this helps people who have paid already…


I agree about Overwatch’s price being insane for what it is.

And don’t get me wrong - I really do think Battleborn is worth the full price. Even at $75-80 with the season pass, I’ve had a ton of fun with it and still have plenty to do.

It’s just the timing of the drop. It’s just really terrible to their earliest players.

And re: too many keys or whatever - it isn’t just Amazon. Best Buy and Gamestop also dropped it.

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Is this an Amazon only thing? PSN and Steam still wants full price (at least in Canada), Gamestop wants full price. Dunno why Gearbox would be afraid of Overwatch, what with it being a terrible game.

It depends on what you expect from the game really.I don’t buy cod or bf for their campaign even if you do play them you are going to spend most of your time in multiplayer anyway.I would take a game with a long lasting multiplayer community without a campaign rather than a dying game with one anyday.

I’m just worried about what that means for the game if they’re already dropping the price that much. I want to see this game have as many players as possible, so whatever they need to do to the price to make that happen, I agree with.

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It’s called a “sale.” Stores have them once in a while.


What are you talking about, peoples?
There are sales for pretty much every game nowadays. There was sales on several websites for BB before it even launched.
It’s just one more, and not even the most interesting of the bunch so far. It’s not like the price dropped permanently for everyone. Since a good while, it has been possible to get any game for a far lower price if you wait for an opportunity.

This so much. Srsly people, price drop =/= sale.

Im not entirely sure what your point is here, sorry if I misunderstand.
I think after playing through the game that the moba aspect of it is similar to other games that are f2p, since this is half the game then I do not feel it is worth £50. Plenty of games come out with lower price points now.
I agree that the long term is multiplayer and it is the important part to me as well, but this did not work out well for titanfall, evolve, star wars. So i am not sure the majority agrees with us.

Bought it for £50 a week before GAME dropped it to £30 but really don’t mind to be honest, I’ve played it plenty to already have my money’s worth.

The PVP doesn’t feel F2P like other mobas, and even those that are you usually end up spending a lot of money on chests trying for skins etc.

Not sure if I’ve missed the point of this thread though.

That is the price of early adapting, same with all technology. If you want it day one you pay full price if you wait a bit you pay less.

It is a slap in the face to those that did buy it. A whole month didn’t even go by before the digital deluxe price practically gets cut in half.

Its comes dangerously close to the verge of being dishonest practice if they were planning on reducing the price this early and didn’t bother giving people a heads up before hand.

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