Price Drop? Seriously? Digital Deluxe $40? WTF

It’s the same with buying a new phone, new pc hardware, and many games drop in price pretty quick, sales are common even more so with big competition right around the corner.

If these things offend you, then I suggest always waiting a month or so and don’t early adapt.

Again the price for buying day one is paying full price.

Yeah but the difference is that, for example, The Division came out in early March and is still $59.99 for the Digital Download for console. Amazon offers lower prices for Prime on physical copies, but even with that, it hovers around $50.

Halving the price of the game plus the season pass 20 days after release is not normal/typical/standard. It just isn’t. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the game isn’t worth full price - it is. But it is kind of slap in the face to people who bought the game 20 days ago (or preordered) that they could have waited - not even 3 weeks - and paid half the price.

And its not just Amazon.

It’s Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, etc.


Yeah it happens at different rates and while this one is quick, it also has massive competition coming out this week so yeah its more aggressive.

GTA and COD don’t really seem to drop for long times but many other games do.

I would prefer you use a more apt comparison. Primarily comparing games vs games than games vs phones.

It is honestly not as often as you would believe it to happen. I’d love to see examples of other digital/physical deluxe editions of games dropping 40-50% in price in the span of 20 or so days of release. That’s literally bonkers.

Edit: Was misled by an article’s headline. The game is not having an actual price reduction, so I am wrong to think so. But I definitely still feel slighted by a nearly 50% off sale not even a month after the game released. I love the game, but having it devalued so soon stings and makes me feel sour about purchasing my Digital Deluxe edition.

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This is a sale, not a permanent price drop. Just to clarify

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I’ve seen it on steam I didn’t really document them because I thought I would need them one day.

But early adapting is a thing and thats why I said so many technology examples because its across the board on them. You even see it on baseball bats, and just things all over.

It also makes sense to put it on sale when a major competitor has a game about to hit as @jjand302 said its a sale not a drop.

I’ve seen steam sales day one and if you pre ordered you didn’t get it.

I do understand why some one would be frustrated. But this is just the idea of competitive pricing among rival companies and is almost 100% independent of Gearbox. This isn’t just an industry standard in games.

This is standard in many industries. I can absolutely ASSURE you it is standard in Wines & Liquors. I know stores who purchased from one of the big two distributors in the area right prior to a price change, and are stuck with as much of 20-30 GRAND of unmovable inventory until prices are leveled. Unless they want to lose on every sale they make, which some do just recoup inventory cost and get back in to the game.

It is being done by the retailers and third parties, who can choose any price they deem profitable, engage in penetration pricing and often simply have reactive sales. Price on Steam and PSN are still the same as they have no physical inventory to speak of, and could ride out this storm.

That being said, I’ve seen Steam sales on things you could preorder that were cheaper 24 hours afterwards.

Hell, you’ve got right to be frustrated, but none of this is Gearbox’s doing.

This is absolutely correct. We want the community to grow and this is how it is going to happen. Even though they should not be directly compared many people think that Battleborn and Overwatch are similar enough that they should get one or the other. By making the prices the same (or better) than Overwatch Gearbox has made the decision to pick up Battleborn much more tempting for those on the fence!

While I understand being upset about the move this is nothing new in the industry. Even if it is quicker than usual, it is absolutely for a good reason. I for one will be happy to see shorter queue times and more folks on the forums!

Listen you can defend it all you want, but it is unabashedly crappy to the current player base lol.

It is a community based game, and doing this so soon is a huge F you to the existing community.

They should have just launched at this pricing if this was the intention all along. If it wasn’t, they should do some sort of gesture for the people who literally paid DOUBLE, like in game credits or a hero key or something. It is just really crappy.

Yeah, price drops and sales happen. But not 20 days after launch.

Anyone defending this - find ONE time a deluxe version of a AAA game with the season pass was 50% the normal price less than 20 days after it launched. Extra credit if it wasn’t on black Friday (which… it isn’t.)


They happen when a game needs to try and even the competition between it and another game in a similiarish genre is launching this week and they want to entice players to stay here/come here instead.

I see your point but this is what rubs me…

I bought the Digital deluxe due to a miscommunication about what I was getting so I would not have even purchased it to begin with had I known…

Now, they drop the price to basically half roughly two weeks later.

I didn’t get what I wanted and paid more.

Yea, that kind of stings.

You do recognize it isn’t Gearbox who are changing the price.


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Doesn’t a company set minimum prices?

That’s not sarcasm, I’m honestly asking BC I though that was the case. Usually you can’t even advertise an item if it’s below a certain price point or so I thought.

I get that but also from where I am coming from is we have had these threads the first time Borderland 2 went on sale, and the first time TPS went on sale, and the first time the Handsome Collection went on sale. And its fine to make them but…

If you choose to buy day one you choose to pay full price and you should know that sales are not far off.

So my point is if you are going to get upset over price drops, not you personally but in general, then you should not buy games day one. Because price drops will happen.

No. It doesn’t, that is actually illegal depending on where you live on the planet.

Some nations have HUGE laws against that.

Publishers sell the game, not devs

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Name a game that has a 33% price drop after 3 weeks then especially 60usd game.I

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I’m pretty sure thats not the case in the States.

A lot of time especially on black Friday they won’t show you the price unless its in your cart. I thought they did that to get around the loop hole. It could just be a sales gimmick but that’s what the store always says

^ This!

I recall Randy Pitchford saying that exact thing at either the launch party or the panel at PAX East.

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i totally hear you, i really do i promise and i feel your pain, but retailers will do whatever they want, they could sell it for a 0.01 if they really wanted