Prices animation is a nuisance - also need sort by price option

Nope, I disliked this in BL1 and again in BL3, it’s tedious and has no benefit (like the grenades from slot machines).

As for sorting, can we please get a useful sort? Specifically for me a Sort by weapon level option, since I’m looking in my Bank for items I can use at my current level.


They could also add a feature where favourited items appear at the top of your item list when in your inventory and at the bottom when selling things.

And you cant compair your items anymore unless you’re in a shop or switching out which ones you’re holding, making comparing higher level items tedious.

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The prices animation adds no real UX value, imho. It just takes longer to see how much an item is worth and therefore it takes longer to compare items, imho. In addition it makes the inventory more laggy.

(I just created an account to say this because it annoys me that much…)


Plus one


Since this thread is active again, and gearbox have made a few changes to improve menu lag, just wanted to agree with the sentiment and ask why they still haven’t removed the slot machine effect or made it optional. Seriously, I know this game was made by a new team and they made a bunch of improvements, but they also screwed up a lot, especially in menus, focusing on looks and animation over speed and ease of use. To use a quote, they focused on skin instead of putting meat on the bones.


I just reinstalled to give the game another chance. I’ve been playing for less than an hour and it’s already bothering me.

Please Gearbox, for the sake of our sanity, allow us to turn it off or just get rid of it please.