Pricing Nonsense

Why is the Super Deluxe Edition of BL3 now priced cheaper than the Season Pass?

This is the kind of nonsense that drives fans away. To the marketing geniuses at Gearbox Software - I already bought the game. Now you want me to pay more than value you are saying a Super Deluxe Edition of the game is worth just to get 4 DLCs, 3 of which aren’t even available yet? Doesn’t leave a good taste in a customer’s mouth.

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How much? I’m not seeing the price listed on the link

So you’re complaining that something is too cheap? Weird logic.


It’s called not reading the fine print:

*Saving based on 2K’s SRP. Offer available while supplies last. Pricing and availability may vary by region and platform. Offer available for digital only unless otherwise specified by local store. Terms apply. No rainchecks. Offer on PlayStation®4 ends at 8:00 AM PST on 2/19/20.

It’s a promotion for PS4, nothing more.


Are you sure you’re selecting the right product?

Season Pass £39.99
Super Deluxe Edition £89.99

No idea what American/Canadian prices are though.

Right now in Canada it is $66.99 for the Season Pass and $59.99 for the Super Deluxe Edition.

No. I’m complaining that the Season Pass is clearly priced too high. It’s bad enough that a full game is sold and then “additional” content is added on for a fee. To have that additional content priced above the price of an edition of the game that includes all DLC is straight up nonsensical.


It’s digital content. There are no supplies that will run out. Seriously, the extent that people will go to defend a billion dollar organisation that is trying to squeeze every penny out of customers is amazing.

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If the the season pass isn’t on sale, but the super deluxe version is, I’m guessing its them trying to bring new players in and keep those new players. Strategic, certainly not nonsensical.

People worked on this. They should never be expected to pump out additional content for free just because somebody bought the original game. They aren’t “squeez[ing] every penny out of customers.” That statement in and of itself is the only thing nonsensical I’ve read so far.


Yeah, so? It’s a promotion between 2k and Sony, get over it.


Nah. Fans already got the ultimate edition that included the season pass.


As long as its not including preorder bonus, its not quite the same… (not that those items are to useful, but not the point)

Buy the super deluxe edition that comes with season pass for less then.


Yeah… the whole point is that this alienates customers. No, I’m not going to buy a second copy of the game just to get content that should have been in my first copy to begin with. Myself and many others will also not buy BL4 right away, should it come out, but wait for these ridiculous re-pricing later on and buy a lower priced “full game”. That hurts Gearbox’s margins and its why it’s a bad pricing decision.

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If you have a physical copy you can sell it. Or you can wait for a dlc sale on psn.

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There are always sales and offers down the line. Always. Many of them are a bit illogical under scrutiny. It’s nothing unusual to get one’s undergarments of choice in a twist over. I doubt many people who are even slightly familiar with the concept of shopping will be alienated by business as usual.


Why make that content if they are going to sell it for a quarter of the value? Your logic is also flawed here.

It is worth the price they are selling it for. For now anyhow. After it’s all out and been a few months I might expect a permanent discount or two.

What we see for digital pricing is kind of like “want it now? pay the early bird pricing. Too much? Buy it later for cheaper.”

I am sure they have all kinds of formulas for figuring out optimal pricing and timing of changes. If they sold it all half price to start with they would likely lose way too much profit to be sustainable and it wouldn’t be sustainable.

Or they could have gone with the “preview mode” format where it starts cheap but is in beta format. That version would have come out a year before the release we saw and likely wouldn’t have been the whole game. Probably no multiplayer yet. Or mayhem. Then, as chapters to the story got polished and added in, and as features got added in, the price would go up.

Preview mode is risky though. Expectations have to be defined properly from the start or people get pissed off later as DLC comes out. ETc…

Anyhow I’m glad to support gearbox. I love their games and I pay early bird pricing and get my moneys worth. I can’t always say the same for Destiny series or many other games I bought between TPS and BL3. OR the hundreds of games I bought over the course of my life.