Pride of Hiigara Model

I was not getting any lights turning on from the model. I decided to just leave it plugged in and now it is working in any usb port I choose.

I’m having the same issue as mentioned above. I just received my Collector’s Edition, and followed the assembly instructions mentioned. I then plugged it into my PC, but if fails to come on. I will continue to leave it plugged in hoping that I will eventually have the same luck as OP.

EDIT: After leaving it plugged in for about 5-10 minutes, the lights did eventually come on. If you having issues with it coming on, then I would recommend leaving it plugged in and on, and it will eventually come on.

Another user reported a packing peanut bit got stuck in the usb port, so watch out for that as well.

One thing to note (just guessing) is that SOME machines with USB ports don’t power them for no reason - they literally won’t give power to the port without a valid and active object and driver pushing it. I recall there was a solution to that online someplace. So maybe something to consider?

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I had the problem where my ship didn’t come on, but turned out it was my own fault and the side of the rod on the stand that connects to the mothership inserts a lot further than I thought. Gently making sure that I’d put it together properly made it work for me.