Primary/Alt fire for Orendi

Orendi’s main fire is bad, its real bad. Its listed DPS is 144, and while this isnt the WORST DPS of all characters including supports, its pretty bad for a squishy attacker and the projectile speed/range is greatly lacking. And her alt fire is worse, 111 DPS. The mutation to make it SLIGHTLY homing is still bad, like the alt-fire was made intentionally bad and the Helix was an attempt to make it usable. This is not a character that wants to trade with ANYONE when it comes to auto-attacks.
Her alt attack is also redundant, it just kind of does the same thing but worse. Reyna’s alt fire has no ammo and melts shields, and works with her overshields.
Attikus’s is just a burst damage punch that can now wound, good to initiate.

Whats worse is, there is no synergistic mechanics between her skills and her attacks, like Reyna getting a helix to slow enemies who she shoots when they have PT on them. Alani auto attacks to reduce cooldowns, Phoebe builds combo’s.
Thorn has great burst damage/wave clear with HER skills, and a powerful auto-attack that also applies Curse.
Orendi just attacks because she has nothing else after popping her skills.

So giving her main attack some sort of synergy and alt-fire something ELSE that isnt an inferior attack would be a great change, and needed.
Possible alt-fires could include:
A charged up shadow bomb, for added AoE when pillar isnt up
A close range siphon, similar to Ambras fire staff
A channeled damage aura that damages things around her, possibly leeching HP or shield?
A self heal or shield recharge, as a varimorph she’d definitely be able to heal herself, since they can modify their body.

Anything but a SECOND even WEAKER slow attack :frowning:
As for her primary attack, it could be boosted with maybe bouncing shadow bolts, or have them penetrate targets

I feel like charge up would be the best choice as far as useful but not overpowered goes.

But her auto attack is back because her skills are insane just sayin

Yes, give her more lemony goodness.

I love orendi but you are right but still her shadow fire and ultimate are so good it makes up for it I find her homing chaos thing counter Kleese if u can get to where he can’t really know ur there

Also just yesterday I got worthy of song with her but I don’t think she needs a buff I think many other characters need a debuff like Klesse

Orendi’s alt-fire with the homing mutation is actually really damned good if you know how to use it. I’ve gotten a lot of kills with it. Even without the mutation I discovered that her alt-fire isn’t as useless as a lot of people think.

Yea just during my worthy of song game I had discovered that. Also to me she probally provides my favorite ultimate of all characters. But I found that she is best when you can land some nice shadowfires and use her alt attk in combo with her primary and nullify. And then when your target starts to run use your ult

for debuffing kleese i’ll agree, pre-patch he was a little too squishy, post patch is a little too tanky for my taste(even playing as him)

He needs a halfway point like 1100 would be my preference

Back on topic! ORENDI! Her alt fire is redundant. So many more suitable Orendi alternatives! like other alt-fires, it should do something thats mechanically different, a real alternative attack

I would prefer if nullify was instead a burst of dark energy in in air around her that knocks them back

Aoe not air stupid auto correct

I think there is an issue with Roles assigned to classes. Shes an ‘agile/skirmisher’. While Caldarius is a MOBILE/skirmisher. Since she has no speed boosts and default run speed, the only ‘agility’ she has is that shes a smaller target, and nullify pushes her backwards. Big deal, Whiskey can get that on a helix.
The skirmish thing seems to entirely revolve around dropping a pillar, using nullify to back out, and dropping another pillar before leaving. With her auto attacks just being a desperate last resort

A big part of playing orendi is knowing when to use nullify and how to use shadowfire pillar landing shadowfire pillars can take out most enemy’s shields leaving health vulnerable which is when I attack with normal or alternative attacks depending on the situation at hand. I often save nullify for characters that try to attack me like gali when she uses shield throw and stuns me and then desacretes me I am spamming nullify so as soon as I get out of that stun I am flying back.i personally love her alt attack especially at level 3 and wouldn’t trade it for anything else,but to balance everything out some characters need some work.

Are you sure you’re using her primary attack right? It does enough damage for me to finish foes off if they try to escape. The homing makes it better because if the person is jumping or too small then i can easily land hits on them. Also if you’re jumping while using her homing shots then it will land crits on the enemy unless it’s a minion but works great on thralls and the striker minions.

EDIT : Besides it’s very unlikely that they’ll buff orendi considering how amazing she is atm.

Thanks for the tip I never thought orendi would be one of my favorite characters especially after all this time

Point it at enemies and shoot! Its not about how you use it, its objectively dreadful. I think her alt-fire is the lowest DPS attack in the game, you may be better off spamming melee attacks. The homing helix seems like a helix made to FIX a BAD attack, which is just bad design. I gave all the examples of other alt fires that bring something DIFFERENT to the table. This one does not, its just weaker chaos bolts. It could at least be a closer-range shotgun blast of chaos bolts with BETTER damage, or have one of her fire-types interact with her abilities like Thorns and Miko or Reyna or Phoebe

If you base this off the battleborn bible it’s wrong look at what the say kleese’s dps is

160?.. 40 damage, 4 shots a second… 160 DPS. Is there something wrong with that to you? Maybe it was changed when his HP was? Looks like his new HP wasnt updated though. Not that it matters, we’re talking about Orendi’s dps not Kleese’s. Even if Kleese’s listed DPS is off, it doesnt mean they’re all off. Not that the DPS is as much of an issue as the range and projectile travel speed. There is a reason she was compared to alani, similar attack type but alani’s is twice as good.

Orendi fires each attack from her primary attack one at a time in a short span. In the same time she fires 4 shots from her secondary twice. I think her secondary fire also has a longer range than her primary though I could be wrong about this.