Primary PS4 and season pass but no local o-op for DLC?

I have a primary PS4 and the season pass… I can’t seem to have a local buddy play split screen… says she doesn’t have the dlc… it shouldn’t matter Bc ps+ on a primary allows my local co-op partner access to all my stuff… what’s the deal? @Jythri

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Sorry I’m just really ticked at the moment… this DLC shouldn’t be the exception the rule… if this was a business decision, no other ps game pulls this bull. The whole point of a ps+ account having a primary PS4 active is to allow local co-op to function without having to buy multiple copies of games and DLC… it’s really annoying to have things just not work.

The dlc are sadly account bound, there’s another thread on here about it as well

Are u frigging kidding me? That’s not supppsed to be allowed according to Sony…, that defeats the purpose of having a ps+ account and a primary PS4… @Jythri this is a MISTAKE dude… please tell me at the very least this is a BS 2K call and not a gearbox decision… I really had looked forward to a long consumer relationship with u guys… don’t be bungie dude!

It is allowed though. It is DLC (Disc-Locked-Content) after all, meaning its already on the disc/system. It is only downloadable content and PSN+ thats shared on primary PS4’s. By buying the season pass or the dlc individually, you are only buying a “key” that allows you to access said content on the disc.

I don’t know how these PS things work, but Attikus DLC IS a downloadable content. It is not on the disk.

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They stated disc locked content. It’s now in everyone’s game data, they just purchase the key to unlock it. Still locked to the disc

Well, it’s a bit different with this. As this is mechanically a MOBA game, each account is separate. Whose console it is or isn’t on means nothing. So there’s no way to allow sharing without shenanigans. Most games with accounts like this wouldn’t allow it.

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you there, but I don’t have much MOBA experience, so I could be wrong.

What other split-screen games with DLC (maps, etc) don’t share it with the split-screen users? I can only think of one, and they placated their users later with a patch to specifically allow it:

I certainly have not played all games on the PS4, so maybe there are lots of examples of this kind of DLC (downloadable content) locking. In my experience, though, this is the exception, and a good way to tick off your customers.

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The way I see it is to imagine playing with a different account on League on the same computer. You wouldn’t expect to have the same paid skins, even though it’s on the same system. The same would be true here. Although I don’t play League, I am pretty sure it works that way

Yes, but I think most of the complaints are about split-screen, which is a different beast. Even if you could only share the DLC when the purchasing user was logged in with you, that would be a great step.

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It’s not about skins, it’s about missions, gameplay.

I don’t know how other systems work, but Sony has designed a system where if you have PS+ and share a playstation with other users in your house, as long as they are playing on YOUR PS4 (you have to activate it as your “PRIMARY”) they have access to play all of your licenses… this is true of digital content as well-- if I download a game, I don’t have to pay for an additional copy of it in order for my wife to play with me as long as the game allows local co-op. This was how Sony resolved it when they announce that they would require payment for online gameplay… It was a major point of contention, and the whole point was to avoid crap like this… What GBX and 2K are doing is in direct contradiction to that.

I have half a mind to complain to Sony if they weren’t as equally crappy a company. I wish they would spank 2k for being deviant greed-mongers but it’s unlikely they’ll do anything about it.

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OK, let’s clear something here : DLC = downloadable content.

The October patch, at 9Gb, it contained the DLC. Everybody has downloaded them, and after, yes, it’s a matter of “unlocking” the dlc.


Again, Sony has a system in place that allows games with local co-op to be shared across it’s users. This is a direct violation of that feature of PS+. I know Sony won’t do anything about it, but they ought to. It’s a direct contradiction of the reason PS+ is even worth a purchase to me. I play local co-op games, and my wife and I play them online… that’s what we do… I bought a playstation and a PS+ subscription because Sony designed the system so I wouldn’t be buying multiple copies of everything… This undermines that entirely… @Jythri did Sony approve this?

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DLC means downloadable content. And your argument makes no sense. Even if it meant “disk locked content” Everything on the disk has been available to both myself and my split screen partner up until this DLC.

The point is, SONY set up a system that made it so that PS+ subscribers weren’t paying double for games that have split-screen…

This doesn’t change anything regarding Sony’s system. They allow local players on an activated primary ps4 to share access to the PS+ account holder’s content. disc locked or account locked means nothing.

1 of 3 things is happening here:

  1. Sony doesn’t know this garbage is happening and needs to be told.
  2. Sony knows and doesn’t care.
  3. Sony doesn’t know, but also wouldn’t care.
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Sony sony sony. And Microsoft?

There are already threads on this

Let’s use those.

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