Primary Use keybinding

I prefer to use ‘E’ for aim(ASD), and so far it seems that is the only keybinding that will not work considering Primary Use uses ‘E’ as Default. This means I can’t set up my keybindings the way I like. The game will save E for what I want it used for, but in game it won’t actually perform the function. I set up ‘T’ as Primary Use and nothing happens unless I put ‘E’ back in it’s place.

Amendment: ‘E’ works fine for Aim, it’s the keybind for Primary Use that is the problem. I originally used ‘T’ for Primary and ‘G’ for Secondary. I switched them, and I can now use ‘G’ without issue. Anyone know a way or something to try to get ‘T’ to work instead? I’ve just been used to picking up and opening everything in previous Borderlands games using ‘T’.


“T” is bugged,I have the same problem with the key

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Ok, I know its just me, but I want to rebind “Y” to another function, but it seems to be bound to TEXT CHAT with no way to configure an alternative. I’ve found some .ini files in “my documents” but most are blank. I wonder if we can create custom keybinds in there. If so, how?

Same here. I have a QWERTZ keyboard btw, where the “Y” is in the lower left corner where the “Z” is on QWERTY keyboards.

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I have the same problem with the Y key on QWERTZ keyboards.

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Keybinds are broken in general. Almost all menu controls are hard-coded and don’t change even if the buttons they normally use change. Also, vehicle control bindings are sometimes lost entirely, so you’re left with a vehicle you can’t drive. I had a play through level 20 with no vehicle issues except that the “airborn” controls disappeared. When I made my second character, he has been unable to have vehicle controls at all, they just don’t save or apply.


Any hit for Fl4k pet attack? Main Action Skill und Pet Attack are both on the same key.

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I simply cannot play the game if I can’t map the keys as I used to. This is ridiculous that a game in 2019 has a problem like this. I know that PC is past, but its frakking key bindings we’re talking about.


After rebinding keys to use ESDF for movement, my primary use key when I’m in a vehicle is unbound. Every action has a key assigned to it in the key mapping, but when I’m in a vehicle and I want to enter a new zone, the key is unbound. The floating tooltip reads: " [None] Use "

I’m having the same problem. I can’t map the key “T” to anything. It won’t work.

It is surprising that a newly released “AAA” game in 2019 is having such issues. A lot of PC players (myself included) need to remap key bindings so that we can play the game properly.

I’m lucky that this key isn’t too important for me. Some of you with movement key issues have it worse.

Honestly, my biggest fear when playing ANY new PC game is that key bindings won’t work. Such a dumb thing to worry about, but it is true.

For those of you having issues, here is something I’ve done with other games. You can download and install a program called “AutoHotKey”. It is a small program that runs in your system tray. With this program, you can learn how to write a tiny script that will remap your keys. This will often fix issues if the game won’t let you rebind them properly.

Map all of your keybindings as best you can (in the game itself). For the single problem key, use AutoHotKey and remap just that one key to ANYTHING else that is useless. Something on the number pad or the right side of the keyboard. Then, in the game, map that useless key to the action you want to perform. It is very annoying, but it could make the game playable for you.

The nice thing about this tip is that once you learn AutoHotKey, you will be able to fix this problem in ANY FUTURE GAME that won’t let you remap keys.


I have the same problem with ‘Y’ , i’m a weird player using Y G H J for moving , so i can’t moove…

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AutoHotKey did the trick for me, it’s really easy to use.

There might be a fix for it however, I just got this answer from support (by the looks of it some Indian wrote it with google translate, but you never know):

“I would like to inform you that Borderlands 3 has some keys dedicated to fixed usage, Many players many to change it but the game is designed with dedicated keys, so it’s not allowing to change the key, We are aware of it and we are looking into it to fix this as soon as possible, I would request you please wait for some time, till the time is being looked into.”


That is cool, I’m glad it worked for you. I’ve used that program with a lot of games (often older games) with good results.

When Minecraft first came out, it was the only way I could play. You couldn’t remap keys in the early versions of that game.

Just something to keep in your back pocket. Very useful to have a master “override” for any key binding you want just in case. Every once in awhile it can come in handy.

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Also using a QWERTZ keyboard. For some reason, “Y” worked fine for other functions until i changed the language of the game from german to english. It seems that the language of the game also dedicates the kind of keyboard the game thinks is being used.

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So I emailed support about this and apparently T is hard coded to Push To Talk, and is not rebindable to any other function. According to support this is not a bug, you just can’t rebind all of your keys to whatever you want, only some of them. Support suggested I create a thread to address this concern, so I did. Perhaps if more people chime in they will actually change it, because being able to rebind only some of your keys is really, really awful.

–Link to forum complaint below–

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Good on you.
What a poor response.
I know of no recent PC games that hard code keys.
Everything is rebindable.
“it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”.
What ■■■■■■■■
Why is PUSH TO TALK so sacred that it is “the function which no one dare speak its name or attempt to rebind”?

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Hey guys another update here. In case any of you are interested in a decent workaround and are unsure how to use Autohotkey, I did make a video showing what I did and how I did it. Maybe it will help you.

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If they’re seriously not going to fix this, can we get a refund? It’s basically unplayable since I’ve used T to melee in the 300+ hours in the other games.

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I downloaded and used AutoHotkey to set up T the way I wanted. I’m thinking the game should work correctly for PushtoTalk if I use LShift::T, right ahunt1.42?

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anyone has a problem with left mouse button being alt press at the same time?
weapon select is completely unusable like this and there is almost no keybindings for left ctrl and left alt
even using the fast travel with left mouse click can not be done you have to work around it by using E