Primordial Phasezerker - Hoping for a trade

This item would help round out my build. I appreciate any help.

I got one , what do you have ?

Many random anointed and non anointed legendary guns. Looking for anything specific?

Brawler Ward anointed for siren
Pestilence anointed gamma burst for flak
Good class mod for flak ( prefer bounty hunter)
Single shot laser sploders with 100 or 125 anointment in it.
A fire crossroad with 100 or 125 anointment .
Devils foursum radiation , fire , normal one 100 or 125 anointed ,
King or queens call (prefer anointed)
Infinity pistols anointed
Purple protuberance radiation
Lyuda anointed
Or a very good artifact .

That the stuff I’m looking for atm you got any ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Of that list, I seem to only have a queens call. Does that work?

The others on your list I have but not anointed.

Yeah sure , when you will be on ? Or you wanna send it through mail ?
My gamertag : mrbs87

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been off the game for a few hours. I will be in about 30 min. I will send you a message on Xbox.

Did you just send me a message on Xbox ? Somehow I can’t open it or it disappears Very strange. Well anyway I’m not online for long I’m very tired it’s 2:00 in the morning already (European time) send me a inv when you are ready if I don’t respond we can try tomorrow or I send it to you through mail. :+1:

Hey, yeah that was me. I didn’t consider time zone. Sorry about that.