Prince was found dead..4/21/2016 :(

I grew up listening to Prince. Very sad…


I didn’t really listen to him but Hell I appreciated his talent. Truly a sad day. RIP

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Damn! Such a waste of good talent.

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insanely talented. I had no idea he has been involved with a lot of different artists recordings. The local radio station I listen to is revealing some cool facts about that guy.

Doves cry is my fav from him. But there are so many good songs.

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I can’t like it more than once. :sob:

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Good night sweet prince its gonna day what music died :(.

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Thank you for this. I have it cranked at the moment. I love this song. :acmaffirmative:

edit: Crap! I saw a notification come up while I was blasting this song you posted. It took me to the food thread and stopped playing the song. Noooooooo! I quickly came back. Starting it over again. :smile:

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I know it’s about Buddy Holly, but Hikaru’s comment made me think of it and I think it fits.

I couldn’t agree more. It so works. and very well. I have replayed it twice now. and I’m about to do another. I just love this too much.

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As an 80’s kid this is huge shock. Prince was part of my childhood.

R.I.P. legend.

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Same here. I grew up listening to the guy.

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He participated in a episode of The New Girl a couple years ago and it was hilarious.

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I heard two stories while watching TV from reputable news stations. In one story, it was mentioned that Prince was flying first class in the early 80’s before The Bangles became famous. The Bangles were flying coach on the same plane. One of the group members went up to say hello to Prince and tell him that she was a fan. After she went back to coach, Prince spent some time writing down some lyrics on a napkin. He had a Stewardess give that napkin to The Bangles. Written on the napkin were the lyrics for “Manic Monday”.

In the other story, someone said that Eric Clapton was once asked what it felt like to be the best living Guitarist. He responded with “I don’t know. Ask Prince.”

Like David Bowie, John Lennon and Elvis Presley (among others), Prince was one of a kind. So, I think the following song (which Prince incidentally wrote) is an appropriate tribute to both the artist and the gift of music he left to the world:

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prince died of an overdose?

is that what’s being reported atm?

I know that there was supposed to be an intervention with him and a personal doctor that was going to try and get him off the pain killers he’d been using. apparently he had chronic hip problems and was in constant pain. thats about all I know. I didn’t catch wind of the toxicology report.

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Thanks for the info @xmngr

turns out the speculation I was hearing on the radio was true after all. Sad… :cry: