Printable Wanted Posters (Gaige & Krieg)

Hi everyone!
I searched throught the internet to find printable Wanted Posters. I find the original 4 Vault Hunters, but no Gaige and Krieg Posters. So I decided to make my own Posters by modifying the originals. I used the official Diamond Loot Chests Posters as template, and after hours of work I finally completed them. I thought I share here, so you guys can print it and decorate your room with it. :smile:


those aren’t big enough to blow up. not enough pixels.

second this

we need higher res versions of these stuff

Great job @BladeX05, thanks!

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Gaige’s should just say “fugitive”

Gaiges should say Wanted Murder (she killed a class mate cause of DT)