Prismatic Bulwark, least grindy way to get one?

So, I know the Sentinel can drop one, and I know you can get it by feeding three Purple shields into the Grinder. Which is likely to be the faster method? I’ve been trying to Grinder lately, but no luck, but the Sentinel doesn’t seem like a easy farm due to it’s many phases.

Sentinel should be faster. Grinder odds for a legendary from three purples are at best 5%, which is one heck of a lot of purple shields…

I think the relevant Trade section might be the fastest, though!

It’d probably help if I had anything to trade. And unless someone wants to trade power leveling services for one, I don’t.

Might find someone willing to part with an extra if they have extras from farming runs, may also help to know what Level of the Shield, your looking for?

Level 50 ish. My Wilhelm is almost level 50, and I figured I’d get one for him for the rest of TVHM, and then pass it down to everyone else once they hit that point.

What platform are you on?

XBox One

Sorry, can’t help you then. I did recently get an XB1, but I don’t have HC at this point so all my gear is stuck on the 360.

Well, the thought is appreciated. My level 70 Nisha is fully capable of beating up the Sentinel in TVHM until it gives up the shield. It’s just a matter of me being patient.

Hello, I have a question too regarding the prismatic bulwark. Do I need to farm the normal Sentinel? Not the invincible one? From the loot maps I see that only the Sentinel drops it, but not the invincible Sentinel. Is that true? Does it mean I shouldn’t pay the 20 Moonstones if I want to farm for the bulwark?

Just farm the regular sentinel