Prismatic bulwark question

Does anyone know the highest laser absorb chance this shield can have?

not sure what the best version of the shield is, but I have a level 70 right now and I think it has at least a 70% absorb chance.

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Level 70 can go as high as 95% with 2 Maliwan parts and one Hyperion part.

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what about the laser damage?

I’m not exactly sure, but I believe it scales up to around 35% or something. Laser damage only scales with the level of the shield, parts don’t have any effect on that.

Cool thanks for the replys. I definitely want to farm until i get a 95 percent version.

i just stopped using my bulwark cause i outleved it but its lvl 57 and has 72% chance tto absorb and 31.1% chance absorb

I was messing around with the grinder today, looking for a perfect Rerouter, and got a perfect Prismatic Bulwark: Maliwan body, Maliwan battery and Hyperion capacitor. Level seventy and the absorb chance is, indeed 95%, the laser damage boost is 35.9% and the laser damage resistance is 32.4%.

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I just got a “LV70 PB” from the grinder, but didn’t care about parts, because the one I had equipped was LV60. I needed an upgrade really bad.

But was interesting is that I got it in only 7 tries using the same ingredients I got the LV60 I had equipped. And the LV60 I got it in only 5 tries also at the grinder 10 levels ago.
I used these 3 ingredients to get them both fairly quick: [ Kala + WTF 1 + WTF 2 ].
Maybe it was just a coincidence, but it worked quick for me twice already in getting a PB.

BTW, the one I just got has the following nos: Recharge Delay 2.43 / Absorb Chance: +72% / Laser Damage: +35.9 / Damage Resistance: 32.4%

Awesome. Really have something to look foward to now. Not stopping til it is 95 percent asorb chance.