Prismatic's Gearology and Math

When I’m done with the Malak’s Bane :wink:

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Ok thanks

gonna be interesting to see the results on the alien barrel weapons! i’ve been meaning to do a purple e-tech’s build for a while now. can’t decide yet on which ones though :slight_smile:

Don’t hold your breath on my results arriving in a timely manner. There’s a lot to test and I only have a handful so far.

The Moxxie weapons are currently higher on my list. @sammantixbb is making a habit of recommending items that are anything but simple to unpack. The 2 Calls have some hidden mechanic that determines their extra projectile damage. Until I can work out what makes their damage vary working out the life steal is impossible.


I’ve added Moxxie weapons.

Update: I’ve added the King and Queen’s call section. My earlier confusion was caused by not realizing the extra projectiles get splash damage.


So if I were to use a heart breaker, it doesn’t matter the element and I only can boost it with “Gun Damage” boost. Correct? Would that work with Moze’s gun boost in the SoR tree?

Correct, elemental modifiers have no effect. SoR’s gun damage boosts will affect healing, Selfless Vengeance and Experimental Munitions will not.

I’ve added Moze’s Mind Sweeper com.

Nice work; may also be useful to add that multi-pellet weapons can proc more than 1 micro-nade per shot based on the single pellets crit damage vs unlisted pellets can base to the total crit damage in cases such as Torgues new “craps” pistol in impact mode. Still trying to see but sofar those haven’t spawned extra micro’s - might be due to the bullet type; need a Cerberus to test first

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I’m yet to see anything that suggests Mind Sweeper has any synergy with unlisted pellets. Everything I’ve seen has shown it to treat each critical hit separately. Thus a Bekah will spawn up to 4 micro nades each based on the critical damage of that pellets hit.

Listed or unlisted more pellets is more chances to crit and therefore more chances to proc a micro grenade. The nade is unaffected by how many pellets the guns card has listed.

It may just be the weapon type in this instance, but the crit damage from my incindiary craps ranges from 18k @1 pellet to near 103k @ 5; the micro nades are ranging with the max damage on these shots; I’ll add some images to this post when i get home later
I found some variance in the micro nade numbers, on closer inspection it is able to spawn more than 1; guess i was extremely lucky the day i was originally testing it as i had micros critting up to 333k off the crit-shot of 103k quite consistently - come to my attention when they explode at the same time they are being added together to get the number on screen - how they’re expanding from that high number (micro-nades micro) is currently puzzling me though unless theyre also spawning more and being added in the same way; which very well could be happening; just doesnt seem right with how often its happening

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I look forward to it.

Hey there my loot specialists! This should be short and sweet - may I request what item card scores y’all running for m4? Don’t mention synergy and all the finer details as I know score isn’t a meta indication. Id like to know a general numbers please? Pretty plz

My Dotsworth Moze currently has item scores of: 581, 561, 591, 320, 491, 481, 456 and 521.

That’s the first time I’ve even looked at the scores.

Haha umm, personally ranges to much to eveb have a baseline; lowest # on gun is 516 up to 621. Grenades im floating around 476-481

620+ ok thank you!!!

The 516 bangarang is outdamaging the 621 faizer so do with it what you will

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if these scores a dropping I’m in the right place. Thanks for the digits my people!

Weapon score means nothing.

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~300 will never outclass ~500.

Much in the way if ~800 was mentioned here we’d be wanting to see the gear statistics asap. Thats what I was fishing for.