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Except that you’ll rarely have a Bonus On ASE and During Gamma Burst at the same time. Heck, I’m pretty sure if I were to fake burst, then real burst, it would be a “new bullet” for every individual element involved.

Just saying that I don’t know why a bonus shock equation then added in a gamma burst 65 percent. Lol

Awesome, thanks! I never knew…

  • Torgue Blisters penetrated targets.
  • Dahl Mngwas have dual scopes.
  • CoV Wizzperers have higher sustained bonus damage.

Ah CRAP! Now I’m going to need more mules! :laughing:

I’ve added the Electric Banjo. Painful thing to test being both chance based and requiring multiple enemies be present. :roll_eyes:

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Tell me about it :joy:. I was using it on Moze with rapid fire weapons like the Hellfire. Now I’m wondering if it can actually get wild results with like a Hellwalker or something

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The Answer is Technically Yes. But it’s probably more worthwhile on Amara than Zane. Artifacts are more useful to his damage…including the snowdrift splatter gun or Ice Breaker ones. In theory, it can do crazy stuff. I got a second wind off an enemy I couldn’t see in m4. But. It was also dragging me down.

I’ve added the Lucky 7. I’ve also added both a table of contents section and a list of weapons that I plan to test.

I see some people mention a fire mode for the Lucky 7. I’ve been unable to proc it, I imagine it’s part of the Shock roll and there is conditions on triggering it.,However I’m yet to work out how. Looking at the icon makes me think corrosive might also be possible.

It’s Moze players forgetting Fire in the Skag Den exists, I think.

Need a slow hand or a Heartbreaker? @Prismatic

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I’ve got Heartbreakers, but a Slowhand would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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I couldn’t test the healing myself because the way my partner and I were specced…I always had a lot of health coming my way

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Also. Maybe look at Kings and Queens call life steal?

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Healing is also a bit funny. From my time with the Hail healing seems to be based only on Normal hit and doesn’t get any of the multiplicative boosts.

Will do, although I’d need to request further generosity as I definitely don’t have any of them.

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Hey could you try the woodblocker and tell me

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When I’m done with the Malak’s Bane :wink:

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Ok thanks

gonna be interesting to see the results on the alien barrel weapons! i’ve been meaning to do a purple e-tech’s build for a while now. can’t decide yet on which ones though :slight_smile:

Don’t hold your breath on my results arriving in a timely manner. There’s a lot to test and I only have a handful so far.

The Moxxie weapons are currently higher on my list. @sammantixbb is making a habit of recommending items that are anything but simple to unpack. The 2 Calls have some hidden mechanic that determines their extra projectile damage. Until I can work out what makes their damage vary working out the life steal is impossible.


I’ve added Moxxie weapons.

Update: I’ve added the King and Queen’s call section. My earlier confusion was caused by not realizing the extra projectiles get splash damage.


So if I were to use a heart breaker, it doesn’t matter the element and I only can boost it with “Gun Damage” boost. Correct? Would that work with Moze’s gun boost in the SoR tree?