Private match lore unlock

So I had stopped playing because the lack of being able to unlock lore was causing me more stress than battleborn relieved. At one point they said they were considering lore unlocks through private versus mode: [Dear GBX] Somebody Please Break the Silence or Communication Is GOLDEN

However, that was nearly 7 months ago, and as far as I have seen there has been no follow up, and with the talk of the big winter update I was hoping there would be some news of this. Should I just give up and stop visiting the forums hoping for some sort of response? Or did I miss an update somewhere?

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Pc player?

They’re still working on it. Not in this patch. Quotes!

There ya go

Thanks :slight_smile:, I had checked the thread, but I guess it had moved on from when I last checked.

And yeah, a PC player.


Ugh… who knows if this is ever gonna happen.

Sounds to me that they once were like “we might do it” and just don’t want to say “Titles and Lore go together, there is no way to enable it without the Titles, thus no Private Match progress for Lore.”

I would be happy if they could confirm it is part of the very next update, after the Winter Update, but I don’t get my hopes high… I feel mpre like it might not happen at all.