Private matches need a "disable time limit" feature

I was thinking the other day that private matches need an option to disable the time limit. I’ve been in some really close incursion and meltdown matches where I would’ve loved to just play it until the end but we ran out of time. This would especially make sense for tournament play. When it comes to incursion, after the 30 minute mark they could just increase the respawn times by 10 or 15 seconds in order to balance it out.


That’s an interesting point. It would certainly make late game characters more viable

I heard next patch is suppose to have more settings like double damage and no respawn option. The option to manually choose the bots would be great too. As for time, max 2h I guess.

Really!?! I thought that was just for queues. I’m excited

I want the feature to choose what level you start at and how many shards you start with in private because I do private games for two reasons. Testing mechanics or gear set ups, or weird games with friends where we spend the first 5 minutes farming to get to the level we want before we can start.

I know they’re making a training dojo, but idk what would be done with the third part