Private PvP suggestion

Please allow me to pick my teammates and opponents. I apologize if this has already been suggested or if it is a thing and I just don’t know how. But if I’m doing a PvP private, I’m generally either testing something, or looking to practice with or against particular characters.

Well, I like how it is now, but I wouldn’t be against adding in a new option to the game mode. Like how you have Unique characters on or off, you could have a setting for the AI so you can set it to Random or Selected. Then once you and your team select their characters the party leader can then select the AI for both your team and the opposing team (if they are all AI). If there are players on the other team the first person to switch over (or the first person to lock in their character) can then select the AI for the team. Just an idea.

100% would love!
My friend and I always hop into private matches against bots to tesr out certain things and have to hope we get the right enemy (% of life taken from Montana with full drawn bow shot with specific gear as an example), it’s annoying an this would be an amazing addition!