Pro miko streaming with some good buddies - 150% sprint with healing beam up

Pro Miko, Orendi, and Rath - doing some competitive practice for upcoming tournaments… i will be playing as Miko and my buddy is El DRAGOOOOON!!!

This will be very entertaining… please feel free to tune in!!! ask questions in chat and i’ll answer all when i can!

Do u use mossires mukluks? You’d basically have too lol, mine only rolled 28% sprint while healed trying to get a better version

yeaaa i sure do hahah. mine give i think 7.05% base sprint boost and 35% sprint boost while being healed. my go-go juice gives 9.5% base sprint then 7% every two seconds up to 5 stacks. so that is 44.5% off of the juice alone, hahha. it’s sooo much fun