Pro Tips: Give me Your Best

What have you picked up that no one else would know about? I’ll start:
When playing a character with a gun, if you aim straight up, you can completely eliminate recoil! Kinda broken and OP, sure, but who cares! I’m never using recoil again!

Please make your response as sarcastically ridiculous as you can manage

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If you leave a game or AFK base when things aren’t going your way games end faster so you can get on to a new one where the balance is BOUND to be better!


Here’s something I wish people understood: if you stop minions approaching your sentry, he can’t kill them and level up. You’re basically starving your sentry of XP all game. I never touch minion waves, which is why my sentry always unlocks his ult way faster than the enemy sentry.


If you’re playing on the losing side in a match, you should definitely blame your crappy teammates and rant about it in team chat! They’re obviously just unskilled noobs, and the fact that they’re above you in the scoreboard is clearly a glitch.

As miko, when an ally is on low health, throw kunai at the enemy


Ah, that’s why they removed sentry shield healing. Kleese would totally just get the assists off of the sentry. You should really spread the word about this, I hear sentry’s level 8 is a killer

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When playing as Benedict don’t ever… EVER… use your wi— I’m sorry. I tried. I can’t finish though. It’s too painful to say. Look at these babies.

Rubs beak against the wings.

Majestic as hell. Carry on.


Whenever you’re playing incursion as a ranged character or Pendles (especially Pendles), definitely do NOT shoot/kill ANY enemy buildables. It only gives the enemy team more things to build and, therefore, level up faster.

Be sure to take this to heart on the middle turret on Overgrowth and the thumper close to the first Sentry. Those are the WORST to kill!

Also, as Pendles, be certain to go WAY behind enemy lines and kill all of the minions before they can make it to the middle. This ensures that your teammates can focus on PvP and not worry about minions getting in the way.

Finally, be sure that you take random moments to stand in a corner in order to observe everything without moving or assisting in anything happening around you (the last part goes double for Pendles, extra rep with your team if you are WAAAY behind enemy lines where no action is happening). This is so dead teammates can watch through you what’s happening around the field!


Put reload speed on your melee characters to increase dps by keeping your sword full of bullets at any given time.

Also, pumping heal power on Whiskey Foxtrot is OP heck. No ever plays Medic Whiskey because he’s underrated, but a Whiskey with lots of heal power bonuses can prevent your team from respecting you indefinitely.

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When you see a boldur with his shield up make sure to shoot everything you have at it until it goes down. Not a lot of people understand that his shield is his greatest weapon and once it goes down he’s vulnerable.

When you play Rath, Phoebe or El Dragon, be sure to forget about your own self preservation and just chase kills. It doesn’t matter how far they run, who they are, how many allies they have backing them up, or how many people on your team are dead, just chase them down until you kill them. Completely ignore the sentry in Incursion. It can’t kill you before you kill someone else.


Even when the score is close like 60-70 and you are on the losing end, just surrender. There is no way of a comeback, People you are playing with that want to play a full match will thank you for it.


With Orendi, always choose instant gratification. Encore and Preamble of Pain are absolutely useless.

With Rath, always choose Crimson Fastness over Catalytic Flash, the silence is pretty useless and Crimson Fastness helps you get closer to your enemy so you can kill them faster. (A piece of my soul died typing this)

Kleese’s Unstable Rifts choice has more utility than the Rift Network because it lets you kill people with energy rifts more often (There goes another piece of my soul)

Never use attack speed on Alani. She benefits more from -CC duration gear.

Toby is secretly the best melee character and should be played like Rath, Phoebe and El Dragon (see above)

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When you dive head-first into a group of enemies, always blame your death on the healer! It’s their fault that they didn’t magically make you invincible.


I see the reason to open this topic, and I´d lie if I´d say it did´nt made me chuckle here and there, but here several things to consider for future topics/posts:

This Forum is a place were people come together, often to look for tips, help, small hints.
It is also a place were veterans gather - to share their experience and to guide new players.

To go on full sarcastic (about possible mistakes of new players) is against our Forum Rules , mostly because sarcasm can lead to misunderstandings and not intendet insults, often derailing into very dark places.

I know the game, I´m online in the Forums almost all day, but as moderator I tend to read posts from the perspective of an outsider/beginner.
This kind of sarcasm is fun for veterans, but its highly discouraging and confusing from a beginners standpoint.

We should try to be a welcoming community and to give new players a helping hand, not accidentially confusing them with topics like this one.

For the future please read our rules carefully before applying sarcasm and cynism or encouraging the same.