Probability concerning Savage Lee and the Unkempt Harold

I am having a b!tch-and-a-half with farming Savage Lee for the Unkempt Harold, and are wondering if anyone knows the probability of dropping one.

Specifically, Is the probability dependent on the level the person is farming for it?
I have seriously gone through 35 runs on my OP4 Gunzerker, and have gotten 2 OP2 Unkempt Harolds and NOTHING BETTER. Actually my own Unkempt Harold is better than the two that dropped.

Is the probability of a drop modified by the level of the character farming???

So I need a “source-diver” to give me a {bad-word} clue.

Thank you for your time, and have a good game!

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You’re probably better off farming the torgue vending machines in the torgue DLC

But also 2 under lvl drops in 35 kills isn’t exactly some crazy bad luck streak

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That’s in line with the 1 in 10 drop chance - you’ll get bad runs like that every once in a while. I just checked, and I have a total of 7 in 55 runs. But I have gone quite a few at times without anything.

The level thing is annoying - drops really should be locked to player level when playing OP.


But, you can increase your odds of getting one by keeping a careful ear open when you first spawn in at Snowbound Crossroads since Lee can actually spawn twice. There’s a random chance he’ll spawn in the marrow field directly behind the CaR station right there, then he’ll always spawn at the regular position down towards Corporal Rhys’ body. IOW you will occasionally get 2 Lees per run.

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Other users pretty much said everything. I’ll just add that farming Torgue vendors is not only faster, it also guarantees that gear in there is on level. I was also farming for a UH today and got a Hard Unkempt Harold with Torgue grip from the machine in Pete’s bar in about an hour of trying (check vendor, save and quit, reload game, etc). I’m on PS4, so if you are on PC, depending on your specs, the process of quitting/reloading may be even faster.
(I had to forego buying a perfect KerBlaster and a Longbow 0.0 fuse Bonus Package because I only had like 640 tokens – that broke my heart.)

Well, it’s faster once you’ve battled through the Barroom Blitz a ton of times to get tokens.
It’s certainly less risky. Before I had a DUPH in each OP level I would do the Blitz at the lowest level I could, then go up to the OP level I needed to farm the vendors.
And yeah, Savage Lee gives a range of UHs, so when you farm him you’re rolling the dice on getting the right level and on getting the variant you want.

Yeah, farming Torgue vendors requires a certain amount of tokens. But getting to 613+ requires “just” 30 runs in Pete’s bar, which amounts to an hour, give or take. It’s still faster than Lee, imo.

Based on the variability of what Lee gives you, I agree.

And farming for me is like Zen meditation, just mindlessly doing the same thing over and over again, you kinda slip into a trance…

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Yeah, farming is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.
Wonder what that reminds me of…

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Also, on occasion, I get three chances to kill Savage Lee in a single run.

1 right at the place where you respawn,
1 to the west just to the where the first one is located, I generally drive to the “standard” location and if I see some red “dots” I check them out.
1 at the standard location, I generally come there from the east, and don’t have to worry about bullymons/bonerfarts/whatever.

According to some guy

I have a home network so first I save the games folder in documents then i join the game on the other Pc make the purchase, leave weapon in that game, exit replace the games folder with the original+ rejoin the game and pick up weapon- saving tokens for next time if you don’have a home network find someone willing to work with you on an external one. Makes it easy. I don’t know if consoles work the same way with save games.

It’s actually easier, don’t even have to touch the save if you do it right