Probably a long shot

Does anyone have an O.P.Q with either gamma burst or 150 bonus rad while below 50 health or sentinel anoint they are willing to part with? I didnt get to play the cartel stuff while it was out

I have a 50/150 I can send you. psn halinglis, send me a friend request.

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I have a Gamma Burst one. I was going to give it to some guy who asked for weeks ago but never responded. PSN: Knuffle_Twem

I still have a sntnl cryo OPQ , can you help me out if you have any seein deads with splash and weapon type damage?

ERROR X, Send me a FR, I have a couple seein dead I can send you.

Whats your psn id, so I can mail you that gear.

If they don’t take it, can I have it? Lol.

I have seperate ones. All my Seein Sead have the skills your looking for seperate.

Hey Knuffle, Halinglis sent me some stuff if you havent sent the gamma burst one to me go ahead and send it to Owl23

All right then