Probably best bossing builds (shottguns or rocket launchers). torque combo

Hello. It seems that torque weapons are truly op. The two nearly equally powerful builds are for shotguns and rocket launchers. Both can be used for all bosses. But the 2nd vault boss is the best since he doesn’t have 2 stages of immunity. We will focus on this boss then. While both builds deal similar total damage in 1 combo, the rocket launcher will have less pelts, and so will generally do it a slightly faster.

(a) use this spreadsheet for torque weapon damage, and to see the likelihood of succeeding in combo. copy and edit gray cells. Look at black cells.

(b) Damage is quadratic on the total number of pelts stuck on enemy. What controls the second power term is the gyrojets bonus. Roughly, twice as many pellets on the enemy means four times more damage from combo. T
© flaks fade away benefits from hitting crit spots. Looks like flaks fadeaway crit is a separate modifier than natural crits. He can still hit crit locations and get increased damage. Unsure if the two critical modifiers are additive or multiplicative. His red tree Megavore does trigger natural crits, in or out of fadeaway.
(d) When pelts initially crit (ignoring megavore), the explosions will crit.
(e) The damage of the explosion is proportional to the damage of the initial hit of pelts.
(f) The initial volley of pelts each individually can help trigger “Leave No trace”. Per fire this can proc no more than once. Same with “Headcount”.
(g) While pelts are exploding, each of them can individually trigger “Headcount”. This is not limited to procing once per set of pelts. Same with “leave no trace”
(h) Only damage dealt can trigger leave no trace, headcount. This means excess damage wont help.
(i) If the pelts are not manually detonated, they all simultaneously explode dealing much less damage Then combo. Can be useful if you dont need all that damage, but want to maximize on procs for headcount.
(j) pelts last 10 seconds i think, from initial hit on body
(k) With 2 points in blue “Persistence in Hunter”, if you enter fadeaway and fire as soon as the initial windup coolsdown, the moment you exit fadeaway you can get 1 shot in and change mode to detonate pelts. (reload and weapon swap also work. Use whatever is faster).
(l) Without projectile speed, and with high fire rate, it is possible for the gun to fire faster than the pelts take to reach boss. This triggers reload. (Please gearbox add option to not reload when out of ammo). Can be worked around by getting proj speed, or by removing attackspeed from tree, or by firing and throwing nades at the same time.
(m) Annotiments that say “at end of action skill your next to mags…” benefit the explosions for the present set of pelts on the boss.
(n) Just as you detonate pelts, and they are individually blowing up, if they were to detonate, they will instead blow up in chunks dealing i think the total damage of the sum. This is very nice as it makes it go faster. When they are blowing up in chunks, if you fire any more torque stickies, they too will be automatically queued to blow up. When using shotgun build, After One combo you should continue firing briefly.

Combo Method:
(0) precombo phase. (acquire whatever buffs. unnecessary)
(2) Fire into crit spot (chest). Do not trigger pelts.
(3) endphase. (acquire whatever buffs. unnecessary).
(4) Just before pelts terminate, trigger them. (change mode or reload or weapon swap).

This combo can be immidealty repeated with shotguns. With rocket launcher there is a brief waiting period. This period will be enough to get through immunity phases of other bosses. But for the 2nd vault boss we seek to 1 combo it. We can easily with either weapon choice.

Necessary Skills for Rocket Launcher.
(a) Max “Leave no Trace”.
(b) 26 points in Green Tree. Max all the dps nodes.
© 1 or 2 points in Blue “Persistence Hunter”. 2 points makes it easy to maximize the number of pelts on boss. because it gives the player a timer of when to to detonate. However 1 point is probably theoretically ideal since you can just reach galactic hunter in red tree. Without any testing, I think that is a multiplicative bonus.

Bonus Skills:
(a) you can go down red tree getting two fang and such for damage, and a bit more consistency.
(b) You can go down blue tree getting damage for pet bonus and for fire rate, gun damage. without testing, I believe they are multiplicative boons. If so they are powerful. Will prob need +4 leave no trace item to really benefit form attack speed. Can also use movespeed, crit pet. Movespeed is good. maybe it slightly gives better clear times.

Necessary Items for Rocket launcher.
(a) Have at least a “+3 Leave no Trace” class mod. I think +4, +5 are possible, They make it so much more consistent. use spreadsheet.
(b) Have good torque rocket launcher. Use spreadsheet. It should have proj speed generally. If not have proj speed somewhere else. Ideal annotiment is actually the ele damage next mags one. This is because the mods in mayhem 3 that may just put us out of reach for 1 combo, generally include -70 nomral bullet +70 ele damage. So having a weapon with this annoitment makes it 1 weapon fit all sorta deal.

Bonus Items for Rocket Launcher
(a) have gear for splash, fire rate, crit, heavy, damage.
(b) can use exp artifact for xp farming. loot artifact for loot farming.
© use amplification shield to drain shield and have better bits of damage.

You can use a bounty hunter class mod for rocket launchers but then you will have to run a megavore set up with clone hunter seekers and spam firing and throwing grenades while comboing . This will proc leave no trace and give ammo regen.

Thats all for the rocket launcher. Shotgun is very similar except we use the bounty hunter class mod and take those kill skills. Ignoring two fang.

Both are powerful. Items can be farmed in sancutary by saequitting and checking marcus/erridium vendors.