Probably the thousand'th time its been asked here, but just what does it take to get 2nd-gen pearls to drop?

First off, I’m well aware of the requirements; UVHM2, tubbies (with an already crowded loot pool), above lvl 61, yadda yadda yadda. However, as far as I know not one 2nd-gen has ever dropped in my game, and that’s with three VH’s in OP levels, almost 1500 hrs in the game, and literally hundreds of runs looking for a Bekah. It’s been easier to get OOO to spawn, and that’s only happened twice.

I realize that RNG can be a b*tch, but jeez…

It’s just that rare that RNGesus smiles on us.

1600+ hours, two sirens 1-72 +OP8, at least one of every character in game, prolly close to 100 hours of farming Dust for pearls. NEVER seen a Bekah or Godfinger. Got Cobra before either of them, and wasn’t farming for it. Only ever got one Carnage, and that was from a tubby in WEP.

There really is nothing else to do but farm. And pray hard to RNGesus.

Are you on PC? If so, the Unofficial Community patch is an option, which includes the ability to alter the drop settings to something a little more favorable.

I am on PC and am aware that the patch can alter drops. I’ve been kinda holding off on installing the patch, in part 'cause I wanted to wait for the now-released final version, but it is an option. In a way tho I kinda feel that’s, I dunno…approaching a cheat or something (NO offense intended towards craig and the patch crew, or those that do use it). I guess I have mixed feelings about the patch in general, but this isn’t the place to have that discussion.

Thanks tho!

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At op8 Tubbies have a 20% chance to drop pearls
At op0 its 1%

If youve been farming at op8… Welp
That is very unlucky(and unfortunate) :frowning:


Honestly it’s totally random- I just got an Attack Bearcat the other day from a tubby spiderant in the Dust and a Deadshot Bekah just last week. Constant farming in all areas where tubbys might occur helps, as does the rare world chest find…

The usual: luck and a lot of hours grinding.

You are farming in the OP levels? For what it’s worth, I’ve got 5 OP8’s and 2 lv. 72’s (non-OP); every one I’ve had drop has been at OP8. (minus one Carnage that randomly dropped at OP5)

I didn’t realise that drop rates are so much higher at OP8.
Is it for all drops?

Still working on getting someone past OP 8; I usually farm with my OP 6 Maya in Bug Gulch and the area in front of Ellie’s garage in the Dust, Frostburn Canyon, both Arid Nexus maps, Caustic Caverns, and the WEP. If I’m feeling either brave or reckless enough to wade thru the skeletons I’ll try the spiderants in Hallowed Hollow, and while it’s apparently possible to get a tubby skag in Three Horns Valley, I’ve never seen one there in my game.

Now that’s the kind of luck I’m missing. I saw one of Fiber’s old vids a few days ago where he was in the opening area of the Caverns and a tubby dropped a perfect Bekah (the only 2nd-gen I’m after)…his reaction? “Oh look, a Bekah” and he sailed right past it, leaving it there on the ground. I wanted to shoot my monitor.


I am not convinced of this. I am pretty sure it’s the same chance at any OP level, being 1-8. same percentage for the chance to drop. If someone can produce evidence contrary to my thought, please do so. I would love for this to be a true statement. :innocent:

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This is the first time I’ve seen this. What is the evidence? Is this something uncovered while someone was poking around making community patch files?


I’d suggest you to use the 4 player difficulty slider for tubby farming as the chances of getting them to spawn get much higher. Then you can just hit any of the farming spots.

I think LLM’s can drop gen 2 pearls aswell, not sure about this though.

2nd-gens can only come from tubbies above lvl 61 (1st-gens can come from LLMs tho), and TBH I’d forgotten about the slider and so thanks for that reminder…it’s a good idea.

That is correct


Very interesting! Time to bring my OP6 Maya and OP8 Sal out of semi-retirement then… :wink: