Problem Accessing VIP Loot

Can someone help me I’m having trouble getting the weapons that I got off the vip page to appear in my inventory and don’t know why I can’t get them

What platform are you on?

Play station 4

Moved you to the correct spot. Can you confirm from this page that your SHIFT account is linked to your PSN? Also check that when you start the game up, the SHIFT connection is established correctly.

yeah it says it’s linked and and when I’m at the main screen I can go into the shift menu and enter codes but it doesn’t say that the codes have been redeemed or anything

Anything showing up in your rewards history both in the in-game shift menu and on the web site? Either way, you’ll need to open a support ticket to get assistance, as I don’t think there’s much that can be done without access behind the scenes. Note that it may take a day or two to get a human response with the launch of the new DLC on Sunday.

Yeah it shows up on the shift website but not on the shift menu in the game but thanks for the help I appreciate it