Problem early in the game, pls HELP?

Hi !

I’m a french player of Borderlands so I’m sorry if what I write is not understandable.

I have a problem early in the game. I bought the first Borderlands on Steam recently next Borderlands 2 and The Pre Sequel. So I have now 2 saves in the game, a Mordecaï lvl 18 and a Lilith lvl 2.
I know that if I have some saves in the game, I had a blue shotgun at the beginning of The Pre Sequel but the problem is there, I don’t have this shotgun. Only the blue pistol for Borderlands 2.

So I need help and I need to know if it is possible to solve this problem and how to solve.

Thx and bye !

I am not absolutely sure but I believe you need a BL1 save AND a BL2 save to get the full reward. I see you only have saves For BL1. Try this.

Install BL2, start a character and play until it saves. Load BL:TPS and start a new character. Hopefully, you will get both loyalty weapons. Your existing BL:TPS character will NOT get the reward added to their backback. You will only get it for new characters.

I hope this helps.

I already have a save of Zero lvl 37 in Borderlands 2, that’s why I can’t understand why I don’t have the shotgun.

Add my Gamertag: Singularlime57

Ill be more than willing to help out!

Are you on PC ? Because I play on PC ^^.

I’m on Xbox One… Sucks I wish I were on PC the game would probably run a lot smoother lmao

Gamertag: singularlime57

Darn! Sorry about that. You didn’t mention it in your OP. I’m stumped but I hope it gets resolved soon.

Contact support . They can easily help with shift reward issues.