[PROBLEM]Game complaining about families missing when they're not

Hi guys,

I’ve been having some strange CTDs where the line in the log is just saying something like this:

“Ship kng_TNG_resourcecollector has no Collision family. Fix this by setting the collision family in Shiptuning.xls”

Here are the families for the kng_TNG_resourcecollector

NewShipType.BuildFamily = “Utility_TNG_Kng”
NewShipType.AttackFamily = “Resource”
NewShipType.DockFamily = “Utility”
NewShipType.AvoidanceFamily = “Utility”
NewShipType.DisplayFamily = “Utility”
NewShipType.AutoFormationFamily = “Frigate”
NewShipType.CollisionFamily = “Small”
NewShipType.ArmourFamily = “ResArmour”
NewShipType.UnitCapsFamily = “Utility”
NewShipType.UnitCapsShipType = “ResourceCollector”

I have also had the game complain about a “Carrier” family which does actually exist too

The errors in the log aren’t necessarily why the game is crashing. I had some family list errors pop up for a while that didn’t cause CTD. It’s possible another problem is occuring that causes the klingon resource collector to crash, but the crash causes a ship file to compile incorrectly or something.

Just a wild guess, check your asteroids resource files and give them a collision family, thats how i fixed it for me

Hmm, our asteroids have never had collision families apparently… I’ve added the “small” family to them (like with the default HWR ones). Thanks for the tip @comeon92rules!

no worrys cheers