[problem has been fixed] NEED HELP! closed door in UVHM installing Felicity

So yeah, I’m doing the mission “Let’s build a robot army” on UVHM with my bf and we need to install felicity into the powersuit to get the legs (the part of the mission that is called “install felicity”) but the door to the Locomotion Assembly, were the powersuit is, has slammed shut and wont f*****g open for either of us! (see picture further down)
We contacted support and they just said that we need to join in on a game with someone who hasnt done that quest yet.

SO, is there anyone out there who is about to do this quest (on UVHM) and that could let us join them? We just need to get through that door and install felicity, then we can leave you alone again :stuck_out_tongue:

We are a lvl 60 enforcer (me) and a lvl 58 fragtrap (my bf). We can give you legendary’s as a thank you, if we have anything that interests you :stuck_out_tongue:

Newsflash! This door is being a huuuuge pain in my vault hunter ass!
(uhm yeah, screenshot of the b***h door)

Just to clarify, you were about to install Felicity in the power suit to get the legs, or in the actual constructor? Also, it would help if you said which platform you’re on - you might want to repost in the relevant on-line play & trading section.

■■■■, sorry, I’m new to this place. I think I reposted it now.

I play on PC, and the part of the mission “Let’s build a robot army” that I am stuck on is called “Installing Felicity”, and it’s the part were you install her into the powersuit to get the legs.

So when you save & quit and go back in the game, it is still closed?

Yup. It’s closed no matter what I do :confused: it’s been this way for several days now.