Problem I encounterd after trying to fix the negative Guardian Points

I read somewhere that if u encounter the Problem with negative Guardianpoints doing a backup of the charakter and trying to reinstall the game helps, well first off it helped some way the negative points are gone but all i used so far were completly reset… First i thought mhhh maybe they had to reset everything to make it work and i started trying to farm exp again, but after roughly 40k exp i only got to lvl 1 in Guardianrank…

sidenote… i have the same problem as other ppl that my Bank, Skins, etc were gone too if it is something worth pointing out.

Question would be now… did a change apply to the Exp u need to level up or is my charakter completly broken now ???

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Guardian ranks are broken af, I have 2 level 50 accounts and my rank was 80+, came on this morning and its reset my rank completely

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