Problem loading into Borderlands 3

Hi i have a problem loading into borderlands 3, it loads fine untill claptrap comes on the screen then it just crashes and gives me this error code, please help

See this post and links therein:

As I noted there, crashes during the claptrap sequence (when the game is initializing shaders etc.) can be due to:

  • Issues with DX-11 versus DX-12 (the game now defaults to using the latter, which may not work for your system/configuration depending on age, OS, graphics drivers, etc.)
  • File corruption in the temp data cache folder causing the initialization process to choke
  • Issues with bifrost and non-UTF8 characterrs

I had thought a fix had been put out for the character issue, although that might have been only for SHIFT display names? Anyway, there are multiple posts in the PC tech support section on how you can find and manually clear the temp data cache, and the post I linked should lead you to the other solutions. Good luck!