Problem near end of Claptastic Voyage

I am stuck on ‘End of Line’. Near the end, there’s a big black gate floating in the air, as I approach it its is supposed to open to reveal the cortex gateway but it does not do so, any ideas?
Please add me on tituscrow900 if you can help, though I have never played cooperatively.

What level are you playing this at? Have you saved/quit and tried again? Is this resolved for you?

Hi, I am level 36.
I quit and restarted, no good. After noticing that there was no waypoint marker, I used the one-way fast travel and when I have time I will do another mission then go back, to see if that resets it somehow.

After starting another quest, I went back and it worked like it should, thankfully. I will leave this here for anyone who his the same problem.