problem receiving golden keys

between yesterday and today I had to put several Shift Codes through the website of Borderlands and it has always been successful and in the game itself in the extras part appears that supposedly I received the keys but inside the game in the sanctuary I have no keys (only I have the prize for vip loot )
how to solve this?

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When you load a character in and start the game, your keys total should also appear in one of your inventory tabs. If that is also showing no keys, but you can see from the in-game SHIFT rewards display that they were successfully redeemed, you will need to file a support ticket.

While you wait for a response, you may want to try a full power reset of your XBox (power off, pull the plug from the wall socket, etc.) in case it is simply a caching issue.

Not received golden keys you redeemed on the shift website for xbox one?
Support could not help me and just escalated the issue.
I am unsure if anyone has a solution i have been speaking to support and I think ive solved how to fix this on xbox only!

First question:
Do you own the fight for sanctuary? If no, this could be your issue. I bought the DLC and also did the fix below (by accident) and the keys appeared.

Guide to fix this(reqires 2 controllers possibly):

GT001 - New gamertag created for this fix
GT066 - Old Gamertag with the issues with the golden keys

Create a gamertag which when it creates a character in borderlands 2 gets issued the single golden key.

Close borderlands 2 by quitting the app from the xbox home.
Make sure you are signed into your new gamertag (GT001)
Whilst also signed into your new gamertag sign into the gamertag with the golden key issues. (GT066)

On a second controller sign into your gamertag with the golden key problems.(GT006)
(If you have issues with this step just turn on your 2nd controller and select borderlands 2 game and use cnotroller 1 to start a game)

Open borderlands 2 with the second controller.

The second controller should NOT be able to control the menu options when in game, it should be your first controller signed into BOTH gamertags.

Start a game with your main character.(it should show your main gamertags character (GT066))

You should receive a message saying you now have golden keys.