Problem solved! Roll 1d4

Got in at B2. Dug Sallie initially, got into Gaige right after she was released. Despite DT’s TERRIBLE AI, still loved playing her. Krieg came out and I got married.

Dabbled in B1 because of B2, but TBH…still never finished it. Been playing it again with the new edition.

I’ve fancied some of the characters from both games…same goes for TPS…

…but this is the first Borderlands game where I’m truly torn four ways. I’m still gonna start as FL4K, but I think I’m seriously gonna roll a d4 everytime I sit down, to see which playthrough I do. And since I generally favor FL4K, I’ll probably do some kind of formula, like "If you roll a 1 or a 4, play FL4K, if a 2 or a 3, roll again. If the second roll is 1, play FL4K, 2, play Zane, 3, play Amara, 4, play Moze.

If you don’t know what a d4 is, study your history. I’m old.

Point is…first game in the franchise where I’m truly STOKED for all four characters, and I will likely max them all out. All to the detriment of my real life.




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Oh…by the by, here’s the ONLY video I ever made of me playing Krieg…level 72 Pyro Pete’s Bar Brawl. I think it’s very respectable, but I’m not great, so not awesome. I ride on the shoulders of giants (B2 forums and all the crazies that posted AMAZING builds there), and can’t wait what you nutters will come up with next in B3.
My Krieg Brawl

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I was sure I was going to play Moze first…But now it’s a coin toss with Flak.

(I do still have all my old dice, too. Might have to generate some random skill tree charts)

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I was gonna sub but it turns out i already subbed. :+1: keep those borderlands video coming :hugs::hugs:

I cast Magic Missile at the problem!

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I punch the magic missile!