Problem solved!

So my diamond card is lv 17. I got pretty lucky and by lv 5 I had 5 keys. Unlocked the super soldier while playing Moze. My luck went straight downhill into the dumpster for the next 7 lvs, no keys nothing. Cut to me playing Amara and finally 12 lvs later I finally have 5 keys.
Now, like an idiot, I completely forgot that I didn’t put the shield in my bank, or equip it on Amara. I excitedly reroll the shield. Guess what happened?
Find the shield, still in my Mozes inventory, no change no anoint.
So 12 lvs of grinding keys, all 5 wasted.

I’ll fully cop it was dumb of me to assume gearbox would stupid proof this, but damn that is frustrating. It should NOT let you reroll if the item is not in your inventory.

Anyway lesson learned. Don’t make my stupid mistake!

Everytime you use 5 keys it gives you new item, different parts, different anointment. So your shield on Moze is there and you have another one on Amara.

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Oh snap!!! Thank you!!!