Problem to get VIP weapon rewards in Borderlands 2

Hi everyone,

I can’t have weapons rewards for Borderlands 2 in lucky Wheels from season vip rewards.
I should have three weapons for gift with season VIP lucky wheels but nothing happened in Borderlands 2 where i should find all of them. ( Baby maker, world burnt, Mongol)

I try the wheels three time as is should but almost 24 hours after i don’t have news ingame.
However i’m connected to Gearbox when i played and original message from Borderlands 3 means i should get weapons owned around 2 hours after in Borderlands 2.

Did someone have trouble to obtain weapons in Borderlands 2 or Pre sequel ?
I don’t know how to be help directly from Gearbox.

Thanks for your help.
A French Borderlands Fan.

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