Problem with Arachn1d/all vault veteran heads

I through some bug got the Arachn1d head on steam a while back. Much to my dismay, I learned that one needed a save in BL1 to get this head.

I have the handsome collection for XB1. I purchased the 360 version, leveled my siren up to 6, saved, ran BL2 and to my surprise my head isn’t there.

What gives? All I’ve read is one needs to have a game save on the same device from BL1 to get the vault veteran heads in BL2?

Is this a common problem? How can I get my arachn1d head for zer0?

What gives? Not sure what to do here.

Did you run BL2 on the 360 FIRST, and then transfer your BL2 save over to the XB1? As I understand it, simply having a BL1 save in your cloud sync folder doesn’t work, because the Handsome Collection version of BL2 doesn’t look in the 360 save cache on the XB1.

No, I purchased the handsome collection digital edition and downloaded it to my XB1 and then ordered and ran BL1 on the 360.

Are you suggesting the only way to get this head (outside of the glorious bug that permitted it on PC somehow) is for me to purchase or rent BL2, run it and transfer my save to my XB1? Would this then only be available to that character which I created on the 360 and not the one I began with?

I know it’s silly, but as soon as I got that head I didn’t bother with any others. I pretty much bought BL1 for solely this reason.

Clearly I can play and enjoy the game without it, but if this is the only way to go about getting this head again…bummer.

BL2 checks for BL1 saves the very first time it is run, and does not do so again. So currently yes, you would need BL2 on 360 to get the heads. Is BL2 still available in the Games with Gold program? If so, you should snag that on your 360.

It appears to be possible to get the vault veteran heads/skins as extremely rare world drops, at least according to this post:

That said, we are talking extremely rare (like the Community Day heads and skins). So if you can get BL2 free on 360…

I wasn’t even aware this was being offered for free atm. Thank you for the tip. I’ll grab that now.

Much appreciated.