Problem with Arctic Night Hawkin - Bug?

I have an Arctic Disciplined Night Hawkin that does 412X3 damage, except for when it doesn’t. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it’s simply 412 damage. Is there a way to get it to stick with the original X3 damage it dropped with?

It’s the only stat on any gear I have that changes and I have no idea why.

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It’s not a bug. What you’re seeing here is the night and day bonuses for this weapon. The weapon is cryo during the day, and incendiary at night. The multiplier follows this, and I believe it’s x3 at night while incendiary (I may have that reversed).

I have seen talk in the forums that the Night Hawkin does incendiary damage at night. I have seen what looks like incendiary damage from using the Night Hawkin. I’ve seen on screen “Kill enemies with incendiary damage” using the Night Hawkin. I couldn’t get any freeze kills with it in Heck Hole, and I saw someone point out that it’s always night in Heck Hole. So I’m pretty well on board with the idea you are correct that it can and does do incendiary damage.

I’ll try to keep an eye on this and make better note of it.

However, there’s nothing on the weapon to clarify why sometimes there’s a multiplier and why sometimes there’s not. And there’s nothing in the game that directly indicates night vs day (unless you are just super in tune with whether there is a sun or moon over your head, and in some places you can’t see those). It would be super helpful to provide some sort of clarification for users. Now that I have posted this I see there are at least some other people here on the forums that have experienced similar confusion. I played with one guy who wouldn’t use them claiming they were broken. This sort of misunderstanding is very unfortunate. You can’t make use of what you do not understand.

Thank you for your input!

There are stranger things in this game.
Gun still wrecks.


Not only a good reference, but have you seen the “crotch-cam” video I posted? Stranger things indeed… (Weirdest bug/glitch I’ve experienced in BL3 so far)

[To be clear, that video was captured on an Xbox One X, in Borderlands 3. It is “safe for work”. You see anything that isn’t, you followed the wrong link. Keep in mind they might not want you watching video clips of games at work. Unless you work at Gearbox.]

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Its the arctic prefix. It keeps it cryo, but the multiplier changes depending on time of day, instead of it’s normal behavior.

So if you see a multiplier it’s night and will do incendiary?

Unless it has the arctic prefix. I believe those are cryo all day and night, with just the multiplier changing.

Otherwise night time is fire and day is cryo

I’ve never seen a Night Hawkin that isn’t Arctic. I’m still feeling confused.
This also didn’t really help as it really doesn’t disambiguate the multiplier issue.

So from what you’re saying, with and Arctic modifier in the name it keeps cryo all the time, but the multiplier shows up either in the day, or at night (not both). The link says Night Hawkin is cryo during the day and incendiary at night. So an Arctic Night Hawkin should be cryo-cryo daytime and cryo-fire at night. I guess that just leaves the changing multiplier issue as to whether it’s during the day, or during the night.

It looks like the page I linked could use some additional information.

Moze has a watch that is sometimes visible with certain guns; you can also check the time of day by going into photo mode - theres a slider to change the time for change in lighting, starts at the current game time of day

Not every character is Moze (so that makes it a bit more difficult if not playing her). I also use Westergun with Moze a lot more than a Night Hawkin. (I have one with cryo/fire and one with rad/fire - splash damage is her friend). I haven’t really messed much with photomode, but I’ll take a look at it.

Thanks for the observations!

PS. Mozes watch kinda looks like the watch I actually wear.

Figured it was worth mentioning since many dont know; theres some filters in there I’d like to apply to actual gameplay to be honest; GB did a better job than rockstar in that

I’ve taken a look in there (I used to live in Photoshop, even made and verified certification tests for Brainbench back in day), but the UI is less than intuitive on the Xbox, hard to actually know how to take the picture with the way they implemented it. It is kind of a shame as I feel the work they put into it is underutilized as there’s more than taking a few glamour pics it seems it could be used for.

Its great for tests when you have 3 stacks of numbers at once, seeing how certain grenades function etc, for taking the actual photo i reccomend pressing the toggle to hide UI and use the systems built in screenshot function (not sure what xbox does in this regard)

But more on topic; i have never seen a night hawkin without the arctic prefix, seems it always has 1 cryo pellet, 2 or more with that 1 terror anointment;

Between some posts on here, and watching some video of other players I’m learning there’s another aspect to this game I’m currently missing and some functionality the game provides I thought was superfluous mostly, that apparently can be made use of to better your knowledge and abilities.

Back on topic - I think if I can pin down when the multiplier applies not only will I have a better understanding of the Night Hawkin, but I might be able to add some good and useful information to the link I posted. And that might provide some needed assistance to others. I’m pretty sure of all the Night Hawkin I have, none are without Arctic.

Will admit… according to how there working now, they were either bugged or nerfed at the first major patch. I had been running around with 2 in my inventory at that point as they had opposite times the x3 was active; they killed day hawkin lol :sleepy:

I don’t think it’s the only gun that’s had some changes unannounced. Either Binary changes how the Destructo Spinner works (and not just adding another round), or it has recently (since Bloody Harvest) changed. It used to literally spin up, shooting very slowly and increasing speed of shots the longer it was fired. Now it has a short lag and fires very quickly, but not as fast as it got to over time. But how it seems to work now makes it potentially a lot more serviceable. It’s also possible I’m just misremembering, but I don’t think I am.

And the site is once again complaining I’m talking to one person too much in a single thread…

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Every NH I own has the Arctic prefix, and every one of them are incendiary at night, with x3 bullets, and cryo during the day. The tooltip might not change to reflect this, but you can tell from the color of the damage text during the time of day. During the day, you’ll see the white damage text for cryo. At night, you’ll see the orange damage text for incendiary.

AFAIK, it’s working as intended.

I’ve been confused with night hawkin for a long time, as far as I can tell they used to switch to fire damage during day, now they are always cryo and doing more damage at night, hence you can say thay are true to their name.

I’m calling this confirmed - Currently on Zane right this moment, photo-mode is showing 0:32 meaning it should be morning and X3 is active.

So cryo and X3 projectiles during the day. No projectile multiplier and fire damage at night.
Regardless, it’s been a really good SMG I’ve spent a lot of time behind and made many, many kills with. I still think that a better way to know what time it is in-game would be helpful, and some additional clarification in the weapon description should be added. (I know, legendary items may have additional features that might not be “documented”. Still, you can’t use those things you don’t even know exist.)

Edit: Immediately upon writing this I was back in combat, and setting mobs on fire. This probably wasn’t from the Night Hawkin though, as the Knife Drain Victory Rush I have equipped has +16% incendiary damage and +27% ignite chance. Keep in mind other pieces of gear and skills can also contribute to or create elemental damage.

PS. If anyone has a spare Ice Breaker Victory Rush or Snowdrift Victory Rush they might be willing and able to part with, I can be mailed on Xbox at the same gamertag as my forum name.