Problem with Borderlands 3 loading from Steam

Hello, I try play borderlands 3 however there had loading of claptrap dance. I been waiting for 4 hours straight to watch Claptrap dancing for loading. I wonder what up with this? I already download Borderlands 2 and Borderlands Pre Sqeual from steam. They work fine. I already try used Stream (have two computers) for first time and it have same problem for loading. I already put uninstall Borderlands 3 and use task manage to end task. It still not work at all when I want to play Borderlands 3. I already buy Borderlands Super Deluxe edition from steam. I am not sure if how long I can be patient to play borderlands 3. I want to play it so bad for 6 months. Anyone do have problem with that? Someone else help me out? If no one try help me out then I will so upset about Borderlands 3.

P.S. I am sorry about my grammar and English language.

Two of us are having the same problem here. Been down for several minutes now.

Three of us… I want to play so bad, i reinstalled the game already and nothing changes…

4 hours is about how long I watch him dance on xbox each time the loading screen is really long.

I installed the Steam version of the game on Friday and started it up yesterday without any problems. Sorry to hear it isn’t loading for you.

On the Epic Games version, there was an issue with the (beta) implementation of DirectX 12 in that starting the game with DX12 enabled would increase the load time to somewhere between 5 and 15 minutes (only when first loading the game). But DX12 should be disabled by default, and even if it was enabled in your game, 4 hours is way too long , so it can’t be the same issue.

IIRC one of the updates changed the game default to DX12 after some updates for that? Users having an issue should be able to switch to DX11 by manually editing the config file and relaunching.

Moved to PC Tech Support - if someone needs instructions in editing hte config file, they should be searchable in this section.

But DX11 is set by default in my game and it isnt loading, when i start the task manager it says that the game isnt responding :frowning:

You’ll need to get help from support directly for that. You’ll find a link in the sticky post at the top of this section.

It’s happening on DX11 as well. If someone figures out the fix please post it here.

First time I went in after changing the game to DX12, I got almost a 30 min load. After that it was good until my video drivers updated, then a 15 min load. Also I normally stare at this screen for just under 2 min on my laptop and a lot less for my desktop.